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www.gamesbabyhazel.com game portal offers a series of Baby Hazel themed games. The main character in the game is Hazel a cute little smart baby girl with hazel eyes. The games offer all kids, especially girls, the opportunity to watch, learn and play with their favorite on-line character. In these flash games you are expected to help the little girl advance through her adventures by taking care of her nursery matters with the primary aim of making her happy.

The games typically take only a few seconds to load; the other additional requirement before playing this game is having Adobe Flash Player already installed on your computer.

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Importance of Play in Kids Development

Play is vital for the development of a child, because play is a form of learning which is critical in the human development. Aside from learning, play also offers benefits such as enjoyment, relaxation, love and fun which inadvertently helps a child to develop self expression and emotions. All the available games on the site are offered free to enable you and your kid get engaged in a maze of gripping amusement that includes playing, eating, and dancing. As you click your way through the play adventures, you get to learn a lot of things. These games are safe for kids use and development.

Allowing kids to play on-line games, especially their favorite games is one of the avenues parents can use to develop or discover kid’s interest in particular areas of life. Baby Hazel is a popular and favorite game among girls because it is easy to comprehend and play. The games help kids to hone both their talents and imaginations; one of the popular features of the little Hazel game include the rich use of colors. This is an important aspect because kids appreciate color; colorful items usually keeps kids mind focused on the activities at hand, these energies can be redirected to advance both the physical and mental development of the child.

Popular Baby Hazel Game Titles

The game site offers kids variety of games that allow them to explore the many physical and emotional challenges of life. These challenges pertain to the adventurous experiences faced by little kids such as playing with the pet, feeding, emotionally preparing for a baby sibling, preparing for pre-school and laying make-up among other kid-exploits. The games are played using a virtual character which makes it fun for kids to play, as they do-not-have to face a real-life backlash. The wide array of available Hazel themed game theme titles includes; Gardening Time, Kitchen Play, Backyard Party, Birthday, Preschool experience and Beach Party Fun among other adventurous titles. The games site is especially designed to assist kids to learn in a kids friendly-to-use interface.

Some of the engaging game titles in the series include; Baby Hazel Craft Time, Baby Hazel Newborn Baby and Baby Hazel Leg Injury. Baby Hazel Craft Time game is setup at a festive period, the game features Hazel trying to sort through her incomplete craft assignment. Hazel uses this moment to prove her creativity; however, Hazel is too young to do everything on her own. She needs you to assist her purchase craft materials at the nearby stationery. You are supposed to help her come-up with the best pre-school craft materials within the provided time-frame, in order to receive a surprise gift from the teacher. The mouse is used as the control tool.

In the next game; Baby Hazel Newborn Baby, Hazel, is eagerly waiting for the arrival of her newborn brother. Her parents are expected from the hospital anytime. The thought of having a new sibling in her life, pushes Hazel to develop new feelings and emotions along with new responsibilities. She tries very much to please the newborn baby by cuddling and offering him toys. In the meantime you should monitor the reactions of the little angel to make sure that she stays happy.

In the game; Baby Hazel Leg Injury, Hazel is playing at the background with Bruno, her pet dog. Hazels mum is busy watering plants and she is not paying attention to her little girl. To play the game you are supposed to pay close attention to Hazel by playing with her and Bruno. Your aim is to make sure that Hazel does not get hurt while playing, you are supposed to make Hazel happy by attending to her nursery needs which includes feeding and playing with her and the dog.

Benefits of On-line Games

Popular on-line games are known to provide play-therapy to children, this form of therapy is essential in the child’s mental development. The other notable benefits of arising as a result of kids playing on-line games include improving attention, developing cognitive skills, sharpening language and social skills and enhancing kids physical development. Kids develop physically when they play games, because the games engage all aspects of their growth such as motor and physical skills such as thinking, running, walking and throwing.

The area of physical development that is boosted as a result of playing games includes the growth of muscles. Socially, kids develop a sense of cooperation, in addition to learning how to manage conflict situations and anger among other leadership skills. Cognitive development is also sharpened in kids through the development of creativity, imagination and problem solving skills. Kids attention is bolstered as a result of adaptability, persistence and concentration; all these critical skills are applied during play.

The development of effective communication skills is realized through storytelling, and learning the art of conversation and vocabulary. These skills are sharpened when kids advance through the game levels; which in the process enhances the development of language skills. The other benefits brought about by playing games includes encouragement to children to take-up more challenges, enhancing ideas, and promoting collaboration between children and adults. Baby Hazel games series takes into consideration all the aforementioned skills which are all interwoven into the games-matrix to bring out the best mix in kid’s overall development.