Baby Hazel thanksgiving day

Baby Hazel thanksgiving day

Game Title: Baby Hazel thanksgiving day

Game Description:

This is a very entertaining game for preschool and even older children. There are levels that can be reached as you go along. You begin with Baby Hazel resting. Remember to click on the picture of her and then her to wake her up. She will stand and you can click on shoes or clothes you wish to put on her. In the beginning of the game the window will blow open and in comes a leaf. On this leaf are things for her to do in the garden.


When you click on the garden leaf you will be moved outside to pick vegetables. First always remember to click on Hazel to begin. If you delay too long she starts to cry and if you click on it right away she laughs. This is very cute!

First, remember that you need to watch over her head for her thoughts. When a photo appears click on it in the scenery. When she thinks of the wagon then click on the wagon and so forth. She will first cut bunches of wheat. snip snip snip with the shears that you already clicked on. When you do, she cuts the wheat. Next the pumpkins need picking and then the corn. You will see a wagon photo appear that you have to select. She will drag the wagon over. Using the hand that appears pick up the vegetables and put them into the wagon. You are allowed three of each vegetable. This is very enjoyable to do and you will improve with each try. There are different levels and the graphics are beautiful. Well designed and worth playing.

Cooking Dinner

This takes place in a kitchen to cook Thanksgiving dinner. You really get to wash and stuff the turkey and sew it up . There is wonderful detail here that truly makes you feel like you are cooking in the kitchen. There is a platter to arrange with greenery and fruit. There is dessert and also different levels of play to try.

Sitting down to the meal was interesting because you can actually select your food. This game will entertain and delight kids of all ages.

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How To Play:

Baby Hazel is all set to celebrate Thanksgiving Day. She is more excited because Baby Hazel’s grandparents are joining her for the Thanksgiving dinner. So, Baby Hazel has lot of chores to complete for which she needs someone\’s help to complete them. Help Baby Hazel in collecting fresh staples from farm and to assist mom in preparing dinner. Then dress our princess in Thanksgiving attire and fulfil everyone’s need while dining by giving whatever they ask for. Have a blissful Thanksgiving Day with Baby Hazel and her grandparents.


Use mouse to interact with Baby Hazel. Enjoy!

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Game Category: Baby Hazel games

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