Baby Hazel tea party

Baby Hazel tea party

Game Title: Baby Hazel tea party

Game Description:

All little girls look forward to a tea party. Baby Hazel has decided to get all her little princess friends together and throw one. Her family helps her to put together the perfect one, though her cars keep playing around. The day before the party, they must get the items needed. The next day, they have to make the tea and snacks. Then it is time to get dressed and have the party.

Invitations and tea sets
The Baby Hazel Tea Party needs invitations and so they have to be made. Just make sure and watch out for a kitty. After making the last one, Daddy takes them to be delivered. Mommy gets back from the store. She has just bought the perfect tea set. She also makes sure to bring the odd flavored cupcakes that one of the princesses that is coming loves so much. Just make sure to keep her happy.

Working in the kitchen
There are lots of things to be prepared Mommy makes sure that Baby Hazel is helping with all of them. You have to get the tea started or there’s no party. Mommy makes sure the treats are made and then you have to get rid of the little bugs. Don’t forget to help with it all, even though kitty wants attention. After everything is prepared, the tray has to be set, so it can be put on the table. Happiness comes from being helpful.

Dressing like a princess
Time for Baby Hazel to get ready for the party. The kitties make sure that they get plenty attention, and they even manage to get the Hazel’s dress dirty. Thankfully, Mommy has a second dress for her darling. After the dress is on, make up and jewelry are needed, and after that our princess is ready. She must watch out for kitty though, and remember the shoes.

Time for the party
The party has been all set up and Baby Hazel gets pictures taken by Mommy. Time to open the door, because it is princess heaven. Snacks need to be eaten and tea needs to be drank. Then it is time to play the guess what you drank game. See how many each princess can guess. Don’t forget to give the gifts out before everyone goes home.

While learning what needs to be done to make a good party happen, you also learn how to listen to Mommy, do everything you can to make the necessary preparations while you take care of your pets. Everything has to happen in a certain order or it won’t be done properly. Now that Baby Hazel’s Tea Party was a success, everyone is happy!

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How To Play:

Baby darling Hazel woke up early in the morning as she has to arrange a tea party for her friends! Mom and Dad are actively helping their little precious one to prepare for the party. There are so many things that must be done and little Hazel needs to complete all of them, from sending invitations to preparing the house and getting ready to be a great host. Help her organize a memorable event full of laughter for everyone. So what do you say? Will you join her?

Use mouse to interact with Hazel

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Game Category: Baby Hazel games

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