Baby Hazel Swimming Time

Baby Hazel Swimming Time

Game Title: Baby Hazel Swimming Time

Game Description:

Baby Hazel wants to become a great swimmer like the other kids. She calls on Uncle James to teach her, but it won’t be simple. Help Hazel along her journey by packing her bag, preparing her swimming gear and following instructions while she’s in the pool.

Level 1
This level involves getting Hazel prepared for her swimming session. You begin by keeping Baby Hazel entertained. She first wants to play with her ring puzzle, and you must help her place each ring on the stand. After she finishes with this game, she wants to eat lunch. Help her eat her meal, and watch her happiness level grow. After lunch, she wants to look out the window. There she notices other kids swimming and having fun, so she decides she wants to swim too. You help her find Uncle James in the phone contacts and place the call. While waiting for his arrival, you help Hazel pack her bag with essential swimming gear.

Level 2
Hazel and Uncle James set off to go to the pool. Before she gets ready, Hazel is again in the mood for snacks. You have to feed her until Uncle James informs her that she must avoid overeating before going swimming. Hazel takes his advice, and then you must help her get ready for the pool. When Uncle James leaves, you give her the swimsuit and apply skin serum to protect against chemicals. Once her swimming cap is on, you are ready to go to the pool.

Level 3
At the pool, Uncle James instructs her to shower before getting in. After the shower, she puts on her floatation ring, but she is to afraid to get in the pool. She tries again but realizes it’s too cold. Uncle James uses a toy to convince her to come over, and she gets in happily. Hazel’s friend Kayla comes by and shows off her perfect swimming skills. Now Hazel wants to swim perfectly too. Help her put on her safety gear before practicing blowing bubbles. Uncle James wants her to dive under, but again Hazel is afraid. Give him the toy again to convince her to practice holding her breath. After she completes this skill, she begins work on swimming movement.

Level 4
Hazel returns the next day to work on advanced swimming skills. She practices kicking with a noodle before Kayla returns. The two girls show off their abilities before you help Hazel freshen up.

Baby Hazel Swimming Time is a great game for toddlers and preschool children to enjoy as it teaches the important of following directions. It also provides valuable skills and knowledge about the safety precautions to take before and during swimming.

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How To Play:

Join Baby Hazel for a special swimming lesson with her uncle James. Help her prepare her bag, dress her up, and make sure she is safe. Always follows uncle James’ instructions. Enjoy!


Just use the mouse to interact with Baby Hazel.

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Game Category: Baby Hazel games

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