Baby Hazel Summer Fun

Baby Hazel Summer Fun

Game Title: Baby Hazel Summer Fun

Game Description:

Baby Hazel is going to spend some time playing wonderful summer games. This adventure will teach young players around her age how to keep clean and safe in the summer under the hot sun.

First level
She starts by playing with her toys, but it’s too hot and she starts to sweat. She turns on the air conditioner and has a glass of water before going back to her toys. Then she goes to the shower and after she gets out of the shower she needs to change out of her duck robe. Buy before that she has to treat her skin so she will stay safe. Then she changes in her clean clothes and she rocks in her red seat and feeds her rabbit. Then she plays with her toy animals on ice cubes. At the end of level one she stacks ice on her pet rabbit’s head.

Second level
In level two she decides to make a few summer crafts. In baby hazel’s craft room she starts with a paper with circles on it That she cuts it into a circle. She then cuts a triangle out and the cat tries to help her, so Hazel gives the cat a toy mouse. Then she glues the paper into a cone shape and she adds a stick, so now she has an umbrella! After that project is done she has an ice cream break. Before having the ice cream she uses a hand cleaner and she wipes her face with a napkin after she eats it. The second project is then started, a folded paper, a clothes’ pin and string to make a paper fan. Followed by riding a zebra. Level two then ends with the fans.

Third level
We then find ourselves in the back yard and the first thing she does is fill the bird’s bath with water. Then she waters the plants. After that she changes into her bathing suit and gets in the pool and has some snacks. To protect her eyes she has to put on her sunglasses. When she gets out of the pool she puts on an orange sun dress and a pink hat and then puts bird seed at the top of the bird bath. After that she bounces on a blue pogo ball and she cools off by using her hand made fan. She then has a drink with her cat.

During this Baby Hazel adventure helpful hints are shared with the player, like wearing sunscreen outside, using hand cleaner often and wearing the proper clothes and hat.

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How To Play:

Oh, the summer weather is so hot, that our little darling Baby Hazel is restless and uncomfortable. The high temperatures make her sweat. Help her get a relief from the hot climate by having a refreshing bath! Don’t forget to apply sunscreen lotion and talc as it will protect her skin from UV rays. Dress up her in comfortable light clothes. Make sure she is having all the necessary things with her while she is playing out in sun at the backyard garden. Try to keep our little princess Baby Hazel COOL!!!


Use mouse to interact with Baby Hazel

Video (Game Played):

Game Category: Baby Hazel games

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