Baby Hazel Spring Time

Baby Hazel Spring Time

Game Title: Baby Hazel Spring Time

Game Description:

Hurray, the cold, frosty winter is over, which means spring is here! Join Baby Hazel and friends in fun spring activities and games, help her mother in tidying up Hazel’s room, and have fun after doing some work for Mom! Can you help Hazel in assisting her mom with these springtime tasks and having fun with her visiting friends?

Help Hazel’s Mom!

You begin in Hazel’s room, with her playing with her pet rabbits, when her mom comes in and asks her to assist with cleaning and tidying the room. You will have five minutes to complete this stage, in which you need to find and give specific items to Hazel, her mom and one of the pet rabbits. Look for the bubbles above their heads, find the requested items, and then give them to the right character to increase the Happiness meter!

Help Hazel finish her crafts!

Hazel has to hurry with finishing her crafts, as her friends arrive at any time! Similarly to the previous activity, help her by giving the needed items to her and her mom! Time will run out, her friends will call her during this activity, to make sure to not disappoint them! Also tidy up your room after you finished making the crafts!

In the courtyard!

Finally, we are outside! Help Hazel, her mom and friends in the same way as you did before! Now you will have to fulfill Hazel’s and her friends’ wishes, so the challenge increases quite a bit! Can you keep up with their wishes, keep them safe from harm and make them have fun all at once? Hazel helps her mom with garden chores such as watering the flowers, helping out by giving her various items, and then Hazel’s friends finally arrive! Have fun with them, eat delicious food made by Hazel’s mom and then finally show off the flower craft that you helped Hazel with!

The fun is over!

Wasn’t that a good time in the warm, sunny spring? Come back and enjoy Hazel and friends’ little party in the spring any time! Your children will learn the importance of tidying up, preparing for guests and having fun with other children while playing this game!

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How To Play:

Springtime is here! Join Baby Hazel and friends in a fun adventure!


Just use the mouse to control everything in the game

Game Category: Baby Hazel games

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