Baby Hazel Sports Day

Baby Hazel Sports Day

Game Title: Baby Hazel Sports Day

Game Description:

Playing sports and keeping fit are important, and Baby Hazel knows this, too! Help her in having a fulfilling and enjoyable sports day with her dad and friends! Play various games, such as basketball and bowling with her! There are four sports to choose from: soccer, bowling, Frisbee throw and spoon & egg race in the later part of the game, where you pick what you want to play with her!

Good morning, Baby Hazel!

It is early in the morning, and Baby Hazel is asleep. Her mom will come in to wake her up, and you will have to help her getting up and ready for the Sports Day. Just give her the pieces of clothing that she requests from the drawers, and follow her other wants in the order they pop up. After this, it is time to do the same outside, where she will practice and warm up with her Dad. Listen to Dad’s advice, and finally play spoon and eggs with Hazel.

Get ready for Sports Day!

Now Baby Hazel has to get ready for Sports Day. This scene is the same as the first one, but Hazel requests different clothes this time. After she is ready, it is time for Sports Day at school!

Let’s play Sports!

Now it is time for the annual Sports Day activities to actually begin! Two teams of 3 kids compete in various sports, and you have to help the red team win with Hazel! Follow the teacher’s requests and play sports! Play soccer as goalkeeper versus striker, bowling, spoon and egg, and Frisbee throw with the two teams! The rules are very simple, just click on the toys in the lower right corner, and give them to the child who requests them. You just watch as the kids perform the hits, scores and so on; you don’t actually get to play the games.

We earned a prize!

As a conclusion to the Sports Day, it is time to give out medals to the participants! Give the gold medal to the kid standing on the top, in the centre, the silver to the kid on the right, 2nd place, and the bronze medal to the third kid on the left. Finally, watch the short rain of confetti before the game ends.

This Baby Hazel game will introduce various sports to your kids, and the concept and importance of keeping fit, playing in teams, and competition.

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How To Play:

Help Hazel have a fulfilling and enjoyable sports day with her dad and friends!


Use the mouse to control people and objects in the game

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