Baby Hazel skin trouble

Baby Hazel skin trouble

Game Title: Baby Hazel skin trouble

Game Description:

Uh oh! Can you see those small blisters on adorable Hazel’s face? Our little angels got skin troubles. Little Hazel tells her mom and her mom calls the doctor. The doctor diagnosis Hazel, and tells her that she has seven days of recovery. The worst part is Hazel can’t do any of her favorite activities for the next week! Poor Hazel can’t touch anything until she gets better from her skin troubles, and her mom leaves no stone unturned in ensuring her little princess has all she needs to recover. This next week is going to be a tough time for Hazel as she can’t even offer the care, love, and support she needs to fight off her skin troubles. She needs you, have fun!

Baby Hazel’s got Blisters
Early in the morning while Baby Hazel is up and busy getting ready for the day she notices red rashes on her face. Scared, little Hazel calls her mom to figure out what is wrong with her. Hazel’s mother tells her not to worry, and that she will call the doctor soon. Let’s hope all is well for our little angel.

Nap Time Hazel
OMG! Hazel’s blister symptoms are contagious and troublesome. Hazel is feeling uneasy and needs to rest. Help take care of Hazel because she may need your assistance until the doctor arrives.

The Doctor
The doctor arrives to give Hazel a check up and prescribes her with the medicine to make her better! The doctor also lists some precautions, and tells Hazel she has a week before she is cured. Follow the doctors advice very carefully so that Baby Hazel can be good as new as soon as possible.

Bath Time
Yay! It’s bath time for our little princess. Help her mom by filling the bathtub with colorful herbal soaps. Also, help her mom convince Hazel to take a bath by tempting her with lots of fun toys. Be sure to help little Hazel get clean!

Rest Time
Baby Hazel has to wait seven days until she is better. Take care of this little miss and help her to avoid contact with her little brother Matt. Aw! That means Hazel has to play alone, so keep motivating Hazel during these seven days of recovery. Then, see that beautiful smile on Baby Hazel’s face when she stares into the mirror; and sees her blisters gone!

Baby Hazel’s Skin Troubles is a fun way for kids to learn how to take care of themselves while being sick. Also, while taking care of Hazel kids can experience what their mommy’s do for them when they are sick.

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How To Play:

Small blisters have appeared on cutie Hazel’s face. She has got skin trouble that has to be taken care of immediately. Her mom calls up the doctor and after he examines her he tell her that for the next few days Hazel she can”t have a normal life till she gets rid of the skin trouble. Because of this condition she can’t even play with her little brother. So she needs you! Be with her and offer her care and love till she gets well soon. Have fun!

Use the mouse to interact with Baby Hazel.

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