Baby Hazel sibling trouble

Baby Hazel sibling trouble

Game Title: Baby Hazel sibling trouble

Game Description:

Mom and Dad are out for the night, and Baby Hazel and Matt are left attended by a nanny. But, the nanny is far too busy with her personal phone calls or enjoying small naps. Be sure to help Hazel create mischief for the nanny to keep her busy while Mom and Dad are away. Mischievous Hazel is going to have fun keeping her nanny on her toes by playing tricks on her. Enjoy!

No Naps for the Babysitter
Baby Hazel and her brother Matt are with their nanny, but the nanny is spending most of her time napping. This simply won’t do. Help take care of our little princess and Matts needs while helping mischievous Hazel keep their nanny wide awake! Don’t let the nanny nap!

No phone calls
Baby Hazel and Baby Matt are in the living room with the nanny watching t.v. Hazel notices the nanny is far to busy taking personal phone calls. Help Hazel create trouble to get the nanny’s attention. Make sure the nanny stays busy fulfilling the little ones needs so she doesn’t spend to much time on her personal phone calls.

Keep her busy
It’s after lunch and the kids are busying themselves by playing in the playroom. The nanny is in the mood for some personal time, but Hazel won’t have it! Entertain Hazel and Matt by playing with various toys and games. Remember to also keep the nanny very busy fulfilling Hazel and Matt’s needs.

Late Night
Mom has called the nanny and said she will be home late tonight, so the nanny has to put the little ones to sleep. Uh oh! Hazel is in no mood to sleep; so make Hazel happy by helping her trouble the nanny. Keep the nanny very busy until Mom and Dad get back home. Be with Hazel as she enjoys the never ending mischief time.

Baby Hazel sibling trouble helps kids by teaching them the responsibility of taking care of children in a fun, amusing way. The game is a fun interactive way for kids to help the nanny care for Hazel and her brother while their parents are out. The four levels are entertaining and kids are sure to love it!

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How To Play:

It is a great time for our adorable Baby Hazel, since her parents are out of the house and she is taken care of by a nanny. But the thing is that her nanny is most really busy with her personal activities such as personal phone calls, small naps and other things that she should not be doing while taking care of Hazel and her brother. Now it’s time to see Hazel’s other side, the one that with her mischievous behavior troubles her nanny, keeps her awake and essentially make her take care of our young stars. Why don’t you help Hazel play some tricks on her care-taker?

Controls: Use mouse to interact with Baby Hazel.

Video (full game):

Game Category: Baby Hazel games

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