Baby Hazel Sibling Surprise

Baby Hazel Sibling Surprise

Game Title: Baby Hazel Sibling Surprise

Game Description:

Baby Hazel and her family adore the young sibling, Baby Matt, but sometimes the parents have to leave Hazel and her sibling at home. Since Hazel is too young to take care of Matt all by herself, it is your goal to assist her in this task!

Keep calm, Matt!

Baby Hazel and Matt are in the same room, and Hazel is trying to study for school. But Matt interrupts her quite a few times. You goal here is to help Hazel study while trying to keep Matt calm, and sing to him. Just follow the thought bubbles. Give some toys to him, and change his nappy when Hazel notices it is dirty.

Ooh, it stinks!

Matt’s diapers need changing, and Hazel is there to do it. But she will have an important call on her phone, thus the task falls entirely to you. There will be 3 items in the bottom of the screen, and Matt’s thought bubbles will shot what exactly you need to do to change his diapers. Just follow the actions shown in these bubbles to succeed. Finally, dress up Matt. Hazel will come in and thank you for helping. Hazel can now rest and have fun

Baby Gym

Baby Hazel is painting and playing basketball when Grandma comes in with a surprise for Matt: a Baby Gym! Now Baby Hazel has to assemble the Baby Gym for Matt, and you need to help her! Like before, follow the thought bubbles of Hazel to help her. At the end, put Matt into the Baby Gym. Grandma will congratulate Hazel, and the two will go shopping for decorations.

At the Shopping Mall

Help Baby Hazel in having a good time at the mall, and pick the decorations she wants to put up for Matt’s room. Try out some of them, such as the Star Light, and put them in the cart. When shopping is done, you will go back home, to Matt’s room, which will need to be decorated in a similar manner. Follow Hazel’s requests, and put up the wallpaper, the MATT letters, the We Love sign, and the others. When you are done, Hazel will call in Mom and Grandma, who are amazed by how beautiful little Matt’s room looks!

This game will help in teaching a bit about caring for a baby sibling or family member, and highlight the importance of a loving older sibling.

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How To Play:

Assist Hazel in taking care of her younger brother Matt all by herself!


Use the mouse to control people and objects in the game

Game Category: Baby Hazel games

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