Baby Hazel Science Fair

Baby Hazel Science Fair

Game Title: Baby Hazel Science Fair

Game Description:

It is science time at the preschool! Join Baby Hazel and friends in various science experiments! Help her prepare for the Science Fair by selecting her project, creating it in various stages, polishing it and finally presenting it to the others and the teacher! Can you help Baby Hazel in impressing the teacher with her project?

At preschool again!

Today it is science day, and Baby Hazel and friends are introduced to the world of science and experiments! Interact with the teacher and the Great Science Project Ideas book to complete this stage! You will read a few interesting experiments in that book, which you can try in real life, too!

What should Hazel do?

Baby Hazel is confused about what kind of project she would like to present, can you help her decide? Help Hazel in this by bringing her the book, from which she will pick the Volcano. Exciting, huh? She likes it too, and you have to help her in collecting the four required items: color box, palette, baking soda and water. Pick these from the collection of items, and put them on the bottom part of the board! After you have these, help Hazel and her mom in creating the volcano! Her mom will need to go do her work, thus Hazel will be left alone to finish it. Give the needed items to Hazel and her mom in order to finish this stage.

Hazel finishes it alone!

All isn’t well… Hazel has to finish the project quickly, because she has to leave for school soon! Help her and her mother by giving them the needed items in order! At the end, prepare Hazel for school as the bus just came in, and see her off to school!

Presentation time!

Now everyone will show off their projects in front of the others. You will see formation of rainbows, invisible ink, lava lamp and finally Hazel’s volcano! Same as before, you need to give the needed items to the children as they request them. Congratulations Hazel, you won the most innovative project award!

Your children will see several science experiments and ideas which they can try out in real life at home, they will also see a little bit from school life and learn about the importance of performing well in school.

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How To Play:

Baby Hazel the scientist!


Just use the mouse to play this game


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