Baby Hazel School Hygiene

Baby Hazel School Hygiene

Game Title: Baby Hazel School Hygiene

Game Description:

Helping Baby Hazel get ready for a school inspection is not only necessary but it is fun in this highly interactive, children’s game. By following the simple, clear instructions provided by the game, the player can increase the happiness meter which allows each level to be won and also allows for further advancement within the game.

First, the player must help Hazel, her mother, and her baby brother enjoy themselves after school. By giving them what they need and want, the player can make the characters happy. The player can help put away all of the school clothes and supplies. Also, helping the game characters to have fun, to eat a tasty dinner, and to get ready for bed increases the level of happiness and earns the player the points needed to advance to the next level.

In the morning, the characters are rushing about getting Hazel ready for school and for the inspection. By cleaning her up and getting her in her nice clothes, the player can earn more happiness points. Also, her shoes, hair, and nails need to be clean and neat so that she may look her absolute best for the inspection that day. Don’t forget to pack up he backpack! Leave the treats and games at home though.

When Hazel gets to school, the player has to help the class cause some slight havoc since they are all very mischievous students. The teacher will walk in and correct their behavior before she inspects their nails. Then, the inspector will come in and ask them all some questions to test their brilliance. Hopefully, the player will help the class look brilliant by following all of the given directions.

In the end, this game is excellent for children and helps them learn to better follow instructions, to work within a time limit, to recognize objects, to think ahead, to read, and to be creative. When getting the items or moving the characters to the desired items, the player can better increase hand/eye coordination and can improve muscle memory. Playing this game strengthens the player’s thinking and reasoning skills which is beneficial in everyday life, especially for young children.

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How To Play:

Everybody knows that a healthy life, demands the appropriate hygiene care. In fact, hygiene care is so important that Baby Hazel’s mother is trying to teach her lovely baby the habits of always maintaining the necessary personal hygiene.

At the same time, she read about the school inspection day in Hazel’s school calender. Why don’t you help Hazel get ready for the inspection day. You must help her trim her nails, comb her hair, polish her shoes and give her a clean uniform to wear. Lets see if Baby Hazel will live up to the expectations of her teacher and get a star for being a brilliant student. Enjoy learning hygiene tips with Hazel!



Use just the mouse to point and click at people or objects in the game. Enjoy!


Game Category: Baby Hazel games

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