Baby Hazel Saint Patricks Day

Baby Hazel Saint Patricks Day

Game Title: Baby Hazel Saint Patricks Day

Game Description:

It is St Patrick’s Day, and Baby Hazel and friends are having fun in the festivities! Join them in decorating their room with green shamrock and St. Patrick-related items; help them in finding five leprechauns, and finally dress up the kids in festivity clothes! Have fun with them in the festivals, and learn a bit about its history while playing!

The night before Patrick’s Day

Let’s check out what Hazel and company are up to at Hazel’s home in the evening! Your goal is to help Hazel and her two friends in decorating the room with St Patrick’s related decorations and ornaments. Just follows the directions posted in bubbles by the various characters, and give them the needed items. Can you help them successfully decorate the room before the time runs out?

Leprechaun preparations

Hazel and friends want to trap leprechauns with gold coins, so help them in preparing various traps and bait for them! Each of the three kids will want a different trap to be made. Help all three in making their desired varieties of traps by following the steps shown in their bubbles!

It is a mess!

Baby Hazel and friends are enjoying the St Patrick’s festivities on TV, when they hear some strange noises coming from their room! First you have to keep the children entertained in front of the TV. They want to imitate the bagpipe musicians, so give them one when they want it! In the next scene you will arrive with them into their room, which is a complete mess! You need to find the five different leprechauns depicted on the bottom of the screen. They aren’t very well hidden; most of them stick out very visibly. Click on all five to catch them!

Dressed in Green

Help Hazel and friends in selecting the appropriate sized green-colored clothes for them! The box on the lower right contains 3 pieces of certain clothing – such as hats, shirts, coats or pants – each time it is opened. Your goal is to select the one which is appropriately sized for the currently dressing child. The fat kid will want the simple clothes, the other girl likes the dotted ones, and Hazel wants the striped ones.

It is party time!

This last stage is quite relaxing, as you rarely have to give commands, you have to enjoy the parade that the kids will perform. They will request some items for their costumes, which you have to give to them from the parents standing on the right and left sides.

In closing

This game can help your children in getting acquainted with St Patrick’s Day and the parades and customs associated with this holiday.

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How To Play:

Let’s celebrate St. Patrick’s Days


Use the mouse to control everything in the game

Game Category: Baby Hazel games

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