Baby Hazel Play Date

Baby Hazel Play Date

Game Title: Baby Hazel Play Date

Game Description:

Baby Hazel Playdate, Caring for Two Babies at Once!!!

Baby Hazel has a play date with Baby Jake. Who will look after this terrific twosome?

In level 1, Hazel is in the car on the way to Jake’s house. She is bored and needs to be entertained. Does she want her phone? Her rattle? A lollipop? Her bottle? She may want her puppy, either to watch or to hold and feed. She may even want to be held herself.

Follow the instructions, given via thought bubble, until the “Happiness” bar is full and the level is complete.

Level 2 is played the same way, but now there are two babies. In this level, Hazel and Jake are tired and need to rest. They both need to be cared for, but their desires tend to coincide. One wants a drink, the other wants a drink, one wants a spoon, the other wants a spoon. Eventually, they will both want to listen to the music box while sucking on their pacifiers. Here, a new move is introduced: the head rub. Their thought bubbles will show the cursor next to their heads. Move the cursor around each baby’s head until they fall asleep. At this point, the “Happiness” bar will be full, and the level will end.

Level 3 presents some new challenges. The babies are playing, but they have different desires and express them rapidly. If they think about the horse, car, or high chair, they want to be moved there. When their thought bubbles show their faces, they want to be moved back to their original spots. If these desires are not met fast enough, or if the babies fight, they will cry. The head rub will calm them down.

They will happily play separately for awhile, then they will have a sharing problem. The “Happiness” bar will become full when they finally learn to play nicely together, and the level will end.

In level 4, the final level, the babies play outside. This level requires the babies to be moved around much more than previous levels. They get along really well, except for an early incident involving a sandcastle. When the babies are swinging, and want snacks or drinks, the cursor will need to be in just the right spot or the babies won’t get them. This level ends the same way as the others.

Congratulations on giving Baby Hazel and Baby Jake a wonderful play date!

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How To Play:

Baby Hazel and Baby Jake are friends. They enjoy playing together. Today, Baby Hazel is going to Baby Jake’s house for a play date. Their moms too, want to relax together while their kids enjoy playing. Help Baby Hazel and her friend Baby Jake, by fulfilling their needs while they play together.


Use mouse to interact with Baby Hazel and Baby Jake. Enjoy!

Video (Full Game Play):

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