Baby Hazel Pet Hospital

Baby Hazel Pet Hospital

Game Title: Baby Hazel Pet Hospital

Game Description:

Baby Hazel and her friends are enjoying fun times in the park with their pets. The pets are playing too, which would make for extra fun times, if not for the accidents that happen, causing all four pets to be injured. Because of this, Baby Hazel and friends have to take them to the pet hospital.

Fun times in the Park

Baby Hazel, her friends and their four pets are playing in the park. Make sure all of them are entertained: fulfill their needs and requests, indicated by thought bubbles and the white hand cursor appearing near them. The pets play on the swing and with the ball while the kids are riding the carousel. But oh, no! The bunny and the cat become aggressive and start to fight with one another, hurting the parrot and the dog in the process! Now they need to be taken to the Pet Hospital for a checkup!

At the Pet Hospital

This is a very long stage, in which the four children bring in and have their pets checked up in order. First is Baby Hazel with her bunny, but you will have to help the vet with the other children’s pets, too. Keep the animals occupied with their favorite toys and help the doctor find out what is wrong and treat them. Every item you need will be on the “toolbar” on the bottom part if the screen. Follow the thought bubbles shown above the pet’s and the vet’s head to progress. When inspecting and treating the pets themselves, the bubbles will appear to the left or right of them; you will need to mimic the movement shown inside the bubbles. After all four kids’ pets are inspected and healed by the vet, the game concludes.

Players of this game can get acquainted with the fact that their pets have hospitals dedicated to them, which work similarly to the hospitals of regular people. They can gain some knowledge about how pets are taken care of, and also some sense of responsibility can be imparted about their own pets.

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How To Play:

Baby Hazel has to pay a visit to the pet hospital…


Use the mouse to control people and objects in the game

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