Baby Hazel parrot care

Baby Hazel parrot care

Game Title: Baby Hazel parrot care

Game Description:

Baby Hazel has a new parrot named Charlie. He’s a beautiful, red bird that loves cherries and flying! There’s a problem, though, as Charlie isn’t getting along with Bruno very well. Whether they are in Hazel’s room or outside in the garden, there always seems to be trouble between them! Help Hazel take care of Charlie in these different places and learn about how we all should care about our pets. If you have a pet or have ever wanted a pet, you’ll love to learn about pets with Hazel.

Charlie Hurts His Wing
Today is the first day that Charlie is home with Baby Hazel. Hazel is so excited to play with Charlie today. Things are going well until Bruno starts barking at him! Hazel’s two animal friends aren’t getting along and she will have to do whatever it takes to get them to play nicely with each other. Will you help her bring them together?

Nurse Charlie Back To Health
After what happened yesterday, Charlie needs our help! His wing is hurt, but we need to do whatever we can to help him fly again. Luckily, Hazel has a first aid kit that is perfect for the job! We need to clean his wing and bandage it so that he can feel all better. Play the next level of the game to help Charlie get back into flying shape!

Hazel, Mom, Charlie and Bruno In The Garden
Charlie is feeling better and it’s time to take him outside so that he can stretch his wings. It is a beautiful day outside! There are butterflies in the air, fish in the pond, and Mom and Bruno are outside too. Let’s see if Bruno and Charlie have learned to be friends! Play this level to have some fun outside in the garden.

Bath Time For Charlie
Charlie got wet and dirty playing outside earlier and now it’s time to wash up. We have special soap and shampoo for our pets so let’s make sure we clean him well! Scrub the dirt off of his wings and wash off the soap with water to give him a good bath. Will you help clean Charlie so he will be ready to play again?

Baby Hazel Parrot Care is a fantastic miniature adventure that will teach the player to properly care for a pet. This children’s game also shows that not all pets will get along and teaches the player that sometimes we have to protect our pets to keep them happy and safe.

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How To Play:

Yeah! Baby Hazel is on cloud nine as she has got a new pet, a parrot named Charlie. She is friendly with Charlie by being affectionate and feeding him his favorite food. But Hazel’s dog, Bruno, behaves aggressively towards the parrot and both get into a fight that results in Charlie getting injured. Play the game to see how our little princess handles the matter and cures the badly injured wing.


Use mouse to interact with the Game’s objects and people

Video (full game play):

Game Category: Baby Hazel games

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