Baby Hazel Newborn Vaccination

Baby Hazel Newborn Vaccination

Game Title: Baby Hazel Newborn Vaccination

Game Description:

Baby Matt, the newborn little brother of Baby Hazel needs to be taken to the hospital for regular vaccination. The goal of this game is to gently wake up Matt, prepare him by bathing, dressing him up, and making sure that he feels pampered and enjoys himself at the hospital, to remember it in a better way the next time they will visit.

Wake up, little brother!

The first thing is to gently wake up Baby Matt, without making him cry. Follow Baby Hazel’s and Mom’s needs and wishes to gently wake up Matt. After he is awake, it is time to take him for a bath. The second scene involves Baby Hazel and her mom bathing Matt. Fill the bathtub with medium-heated water, use a soft cloth to gently wipe Matt’s skin, and wash him with Baby shampoo.

In the third scene, Matt needs to be cleaned again, dressed up and made tidy for the appointment. Clean him and put nice clothes on him and use a small nail cutter to cut the infant’s nails. Then dress him in fully street-ready clothing, such as a cap and a coat to top it all off. Also, Mom will need to help feed Matt before the family finally leaves for the hospital.

Vaccination at the Hospital

Finally, we are in the hospital with Baby Hazel, Matt and Mom – it is time to get the scary vaccination out of the way! The friendly doctor greets them with a green puppet, which Hazel can have. Help Hazel be a helpful older sibling, and help Mom and the doctor in keeping Matt entertained and busy while the doc injects the vaccine, measures Matt and prescribes him some preventive medicine against fever. At the end, Hazel is scared that she will also have to get vaccinated, but Mom reassures her that hers is due on the next month.

This game shows an example of caring about and pampering a newborn child, which your kid can expect if you are planning to have more than one in the family. It also shows that newborn children are very reliant on their families for protection, taking them everywhere, feeding, being bathed and so on.

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How To Play:

Baby Matt must be taken to the hospital for his regular vaccination…


Use the mouse to control people and objects in the game

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