Baby Hazel newborn baby

Baby Hazel newborn baby

Game Title: Baby Hazel newborn baby

Game Description:

Baby Hazel has a new brother! She is waiting for Matt, her newborn baby brother, to arrive home from the hospital. You will need to help her manage her excitement and prepare for the occasion! Use the mouse to position people and objects (including Hazel, Mom, and her friends) as they appear in thought balloons or are pointed at by a floating hand.

The cat and rabbit will need to be moved out of the crib, and the window will need to be watched in case mom and dad come home. Baby Hazel can watch TV and have a lollipop to keep her mind off things while she waits, and even invite her friends over to see the crib. Once Mom and Dad arrive, help Mom to the crib and give Dad his phone. Once the baby is in the crib, then everyone will be happy! Hazel has only four minutes to complete these tasks, so hurry up! The final score will be based on how much time is left and on the happiness meter.

Then Mom needs help setting up the crib so that Matt can sleep! Hazel will need to put down a sheet and flatten it out with a circular motion. Then, she can line the crib with pillows from the drawer in the upper right drawer and fill it with toys and a playmobile. Mom will bring Matt in to sleep. Hurry, this must be done in four minutes!

Once that is done, Mom has some work to be done, so Baby Hazel gets to play with Matt. Matt likes the rattle, and his playmobile may make him fall asleep. If Matt starts crying, get Mom. It may be time for Matt to eat! Then he will need his diaper changed. Throw out the old one, use baby wipes, and put on fresh diapers good as new! Little Matt is a lot of work, but he sure is fun!

After a long day, it will be time for Matt to go to sleep! Baby Hazel will help. Matt loves the doll, and reading him a story will do the trick. Then Matt needs to be tucked in nice and snug. Turn out the lights, turn on the night-light, play some music and give Matt his pacifier. If this is done fast enough, Baby Hazel will be happy and Mom will be proud!

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How To Play:

Baby hazel is on seventh sky! She is very excited about newly arrived member in her family, and that’s her little brother. She is eagerly waiting for her mother who is going to get newly born baby at home. With new relation, Baby Hazel shares new feelings and emotions along with responsibilities. As elder sister she tries to please new born baby by cuddling and offering him toys. Wow! What a great feeling it is! Having little one in the house brings contentment. The new born Baby has become an apple of Hazel’s eye. Play this game and get to know how excited Hazel is and what she does when her little brother arrives in the house.


Use mouse to interact with Baby Hazel. Enjoy!

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Game Category: Baby Hazel games

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