Baby Hazel new year party

Baby Hazel new year party

Game Title: Baby Hazel new year party

Game Description:

This online game, Baby Hazel New Year Party, was developed for young children and is a fun yet educational way for young children to spend their time. Baby Hazel is the main character and throughout the game she will need certain items or she will need to do certain things. You will have to interact with her and the environment in order to keep everyone in the game happy and to also keep the New Year Party going on. This involves a variety of activities and the game will guide you along as it progresses.

It is important for young children to start developing social skills as it can truly make a difference later in life and this game does a great job of developing those skills and also keeping the interest of a child at the same time. The colorful graphics are great and the design of all of the levels are well done so that you will know what to do at every step. The animations of this game are simple and to the point but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. By keeping this game simple it makes it easier for kids under 5 years old to understand. And if they understand then it can help them develop a variety of different skills.

Baby Hazel New Years Party is a straightforward game that can really help kids understand social interaction a little better. Whenever one of the characters in the game needs something a thought bubble will pop up enclosing the item they want or the thing they want to do. No character is the same and some will want to play while others want to eat. This can teach a child about manners and empathy. Once you finish with the New Year Party then you can move on to the variety of other Baby hazel games right here on that can help develop many other skills.

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How To Play:

New Year countdown has already started. Mom is hosting a New Year eve party for Baby Hazel and her friends Bella and Liam. Dress up Baby Hazel for the party and help her set up the dinner table. Be with our cute little princess at the New Year eve party and help her to be a perfect hostess by attending to everyone’s needs.


Use mouse to interact with Baby Hazel and friends. Enjoy!

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