Baby Hazel naughty cat

Baby Hazel naughty cat

Game Title: Baby Hazel naughty cat

Game Description:

Looking for an entertaining and educational game for your young child to play? The game Baby Hazel naughty cat is a great choice. With colorful graphics and light and melodic music playing in the background, this game is both engaging and soothing at the same time. The game has 4 levels of interesting and educational entertainment. The goal is to give the naughty cat a bath, feed it, and play with it. The result is the happiness of the kitty. This game is perfect for teaching the skills of matching, following directions, and the virtual experience of taking care of an animal.

This game awards the players after each completed round with flashing acclamations and the awarding of points and bonuses. The happiness meter goes up every time that your child chooses the correct item and places it where indicated. The game also has a count down clock to teach your child to be quick and efficient. If your child fails to place or pick up an item, the pouting face of the baby makes them aware of it. If the clock runs out, the game is over, the baby appears waving goodbye, and the cat plays in the fishbowl. The screen shows the final scores and the user is able to play the game again or select a different game to play.

The kitty is sleeping in her bed peacefully and awakened by the bird that is in cage in the room. The cat gets up with the help of your child moving her. The baby comes in to retrieve the cat from under the bed, and the player is prompted to direct the baby to the bathroom, thus ending level 1. The game congratulates the player for their accomplishment and awards points accordingly. Level 2 consists of baby getting the kitty’s bath ready and bathing the kitty using the items that the game prompts. Level 3 puts them in the living room where the baby feeds the kitty and plays with her. Once this is done, the game is over. Points are awarded and scores revealed.

This game is colorful, upbeat, and educational. Taking care of the kitty involves matching up items, dexterity of pointing and clicking, hand eye coordination and loads of fun. When looking for a game for your youngster to involve himself or herself in, Baby Hazel naughty cat is a safe and fun game to play.

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How To Play:

Baby Hazel’s little cat, Katy is becoming too mischievous these days. Baby Hazel is fond of her cute Katy and pampers her very much. Today she wants to give a shower to the naughty cat. Help Baby Hazel in giving Katy a shower, getting her ready and play with her. Little Katy is not just naughty but gets angry soon. Be with Baby Hazel and keep an eye on the naughty cat!


Use mouse to interact with Baby Hazel and Katy. Fulfill their needs on time to get bonus points.

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