Baby Hazel mother’s day

Baby Hazel mother’s day

Game Title: Baby Hazel mother’s day

Game Description:

Baby Hazel is determined to give her Mom the best Mother’s Day ever. This year she and her Dad set up a surprise party to celebrate. Throughout the game, help this sweet little girl shop, decorate, bake the cake and celebrate Mothers’ Day.

Level One
Baby Hazel decides that she wants to spend her money for gifts and a cake for her Mom. She goes searching for her piggy bank. She dumps the contents out only to find that she doesn’t have enough money. She informs her Dad of the lack of money and he gladly decides to chip in. They go to the mall and shop for decorations, gifts (two dresses), snacks, and two trophies. Dad buys things for Granny as well.

Level Two
Baby Hazel begins to prepare the cake. Her Dad shows up in the kitchen late. His daughter is a little upset, but eventually he smooths things over. They bake the cake, frost it and decorate it. The little girl cleans up after herself. They’re very happy with the result of the cake.

Level Three
While Mom is sleeping, the little girl and her Dad begin to decorate the room Mom is sleeping in. The whole time they try their hardest to be very quiet so as not to wake Mom. Baby Matt wakes up crying, yet miraculously Mom still sleeps soundly. Baby Hazel rocks the baby to sleep, then she and Dad begin to decorate the table. They place the cake right in the center and surround it with the snacks and two trophies. Lastly, they put away the gifts and scattered balloons all over the room.

Level Four
It’s Mothers’ Day! The lights turn on, Mom wakes up and she is super surprised. Dad fetches Granny and they all celebrate. Baby Hazel and Dad hand the mothers trophies for being the best moms ever. Baby Matt wakes up and manages to say ‘Happy Mothers’ Day!’ amusing the whole party. Then Mom receives an orange dress as a gift while Granny receives a purple dress.

In the end, Mom and Granny are seen wearing their new dresses and they’re having a fantastic day. Overall, this game promotes not only responsibility, but respect for parents. The mothers are exalted for all the sacrifices they make to take care of their children. From this game, young girls can learn to exert responsibility and respect for their parents.

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How To Play:

Happy Mother’s Day! We all love our mommies and so does Baby Hazel. She loves her VERY MUCH! So, this year’s Mother’s Day is a perfect occasion to surprise Mom with a special celebration. She, along with her Dad, are busy making arrangements for the party. Can you help out lovely little girl and take part in the family celebration? First you will visit the shop with Hazel to buy the necessary things for the party. Then you will go with her to the kitchen to prepare a super special Mother’s Day cake and later on you will decorate the room.

Be part of this joyous day with Baby Hazel and her family. Have fun and celebrate Mothers Day with your beloved mom and thank her for her support and unconditional love. She has always taken care of every little thing in our lives and we only get a chance once a year to show our appreciation for that. Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May each year. Happy Mother’s Day!!!

Use mouse to interact with Hazel

Video (Full game play):

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