Baby Hazel lighthouse adventure

Baby Hazel lighthouse adventure

Game Title: Baby Hazel lighthouse adventure

Game Description:

This game follows a little baby girl named Hazel on her adventure to a lighthouse. There are four levels in this game which the player must complete in order to win. Players must perform various tasks by pointing and clicking on items with the mouse. The player wins by completing all of Hazel’s tasks in all levels. Each level is timed, the faster a player completes the level the more points they will receive. Once her happiness meter is full the player has won each level. It is possible to lose the game. Hazel will cry if the player does not do what she wants, and then the game is over.

During the first level Hazel is on a cruise. She does not know the other two kids on the cruise. During this level the player must cater for Hazels needs. These include: feeding her little cakes, giving her something to drink, letting her swim and dance. When the level is almost complete, Hazel looks through binoculars when she spots a lighthouse. She then jumps in a paddle boat attached to the side of the cruise boat.

In level two Hazel in the paddle boat trying to get to the island where the lighthouse is. While in the boat she is a little scared. The player must feed her and give her something to drink again. Hazel spots a dolphin which jumps in the water for her. Hazel gives the dolphin a cookie. However once she does this a flamingo appears in the boat. The flamingo is trying to eat the cookie. Hazel must poke it away with a stick. The flamingo flies away, and the dolphin finishes its cookie. Now Hazel begins to paddle to the island.

In the third level she has to drink out of a coconut and meets a monkey. At first she is afraid of the monkey. However the monkey brings her a flower, and then she likes the monkey.

The final level takes place in the lighthouse where there are two other kids. A ghost appears and the kids are afraid, so the ghost hides itself. However a scary skeleton comes out and the ghost must save the kids. Then Hazel and the kids realize the ghost is nice. The ghost then makes a table of sweets and candies appear for the children to eat.

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How To Play:

Baby Hazel is on a cruise, having fun, swimming and dancing. Then she sees a light house from her ship and wants to go there. This is when her big adventure begins. Help her reach her destination.  Is it reality or a just a dream? Let’s find out!


Use mouse to interact with Hazel

Video (full game):


Game Category: Baby Hazel games

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