Baby Hazel leg injury

Baby Hazel leg injury

Game Title: Baby Hazel leg injury

Game Description:

In this episode of the educational Baby Hazel series, Baby Hazel learns about what to do when she experiences a leg injury. It all starts as a normal day, she plays with her toy car, she feeds some birds, she plays with her dogs, and she plays on her big bouncing ball. All of this goes bad when little Hazel falls and hurts her leg. Luckily, her mom is there to pick her up and show her what to do when this happens.

Once her mom brings her inside to help her, she sets Hazel on her favorite frog chair and rinses the leg injury for her. Once this is done, with a little help from a doll, as well as some candy, her mother is able to clean the injury, and help make her baby happy again. It is now time to go to the doctor to make sure everything is alright.

Once there, the doctor surprises Hazel with a new toy. She is now happy again and then the doctor starts looking at the leg wound. After cleaning it all up it is time for the X-Ray. Is Hazel going to need crutches?

Lucky for Hazel, her leg will be fine, it just needs three days of rest! While she is there, the doctor decides to give her a shot, and after some crying, she realizes that it is not so bad. The Doctor gives his orders, and they are good to go! Three days later, when they take off the bandage, her leg is all better! They play with a ball and live happily ever after!

Baby Hazel Leg Injury is a great game to show your children how deal with injury, and why the doctor’s office is not such a bad place after all! Another great game in the Baby Hazel series!

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How To Play:

It looks like not a good day for Baby Hazel. Oh No… Darling Baby Hazel got hurt on her knee and crying with pain. Did her leg get fractured? Can you be with our princess in this time of need? Help Mom to give Baby Hazel a first aid and then take her to the doctor for check up. Follow doctor’s advice carefully and take care of our little princess with lots of love. Keep Baby Hazel happy by fulfilling all her needs on time and giving an affectionate treatment.


Use mouse to interact with Baby Hazel. Enjoy!

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