Baby Hazel Learns Seasons

Baby Hazel Learns Seasons

Game Title: Baby Hazel Learns Seasons

Game Description:

It is time to learn about what seasons encompass the years! Come join Baby Hazel and her classmates in school with their nice teacher, who will help them to learn about spring, summer, autumn and winter in this colorful game! Experience various activities that these have to offer, how to dress properly, and what holidays are associated with them! In the end, you help Hazel finish her homework craft, and see each child show off theirs the next day!

Good morning, teacher!

It is school time now, which means it is time to go to classes and learn new things! Today seasons are on the menu, and you will learn a lot about them! Say a prayer with Hazel and her friends, then watch as she and her friends try to guess which season is which in a colorful picture book! Interact with characters by clicking on them as needed, and give them the needed items!

What do we use when?

Still at school, another activity! Hazel and friends are doing a group exercise, in which they have to associate various items, such as snowflakes, tree leaves, sun beds with their respective seasons! Give items to the kids as they need them, and learn while playing! In the next activity you still do the same, but Hazel and friends now have to associate various greenery types with the four seasons! Help Hazel in solving this puzzle by clicking on a piece of greenery, then clicking on the season it is associated with!

Attire is important, too!

Now learn what do we wear and when! You have to dress up a cute teddy bear with clothes appropriate to the season shown in the big picture behind him! You will make choices from three items on the right side of the screen every time, and the teacher will introduce you to the various pieces of clothing! After all puzzles have been completed, you will be assigned your homework by spinning a lucky wheel!

Do your homework!

Every kid who goes to school will have to do homework, and Hazel is no exception to this. Help Hazel and her mom have dinner, and assist Hazel in creating a small craft piece showing off winter! First you will give needed items to Hazel and her mom, and then you’ll create the actual craft! Hazel will show the needed items in order; select them from the bottom of the screen and use them where she points on the board. Finally when she is done, help her prepare for going to sleep!

Express yourself!

Help the kids in holding their presentations the next morning at school! Each of them will give their presentations, you’ll have to direct everyone in this by sending them to the front of the table and then giving them items from their crafts. Finally, the teacher will give a gold medal to the most creative child, who is Hazel! Congratulations for being the best in this assignment!

By playing this game, your children will learn a bit about school life, the importance of doing good homework and gain a lot of knowledge about the four seasons.

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How To Play:

It’s time to learn about the seasons!


Everything in this simple game can be controlled by the mouse

Game Category: Baby Hazel games

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