Baby Hazel learns manners

Baby Hazel learns manners

Game Title: Baby Hazel learns manners

Game Description:

Baby Hazel Learns Manners is an online flash game about teaching children manners, and how to act appropriately. In this game you must help Hazel through out her day in four different levels.

Level one
Level one takes place in Hazel’s bedroom. You must wake up Hazel, and help her get ready to start the day. You have to help her complete her daily tasks, and exercise with her mom. At all times you must keep Hazel happy, and help her keep her room clean. Throughout this level Hazel’s mom will teach her manners, and tell her what she is suppose to do.

Level two
During level two, Hazel is helping her mom cook in the kitchen. Hazel’s mom teaches her what is appropriate to do in the kitchen. You must help Hazel learn what is a good way to help mom make breakfast, for her age.

Level three
In the third level Baby Hazel and her mom get company. Uncle John, and cousin Kayla come to eat lunch with them. In this level Hazel must learn to share with Kayla, and eat lunch nicely with her family. She also learns other manners throughout this level. Apart from keeping Hazel happy, you must help her eat and complete all the necessary tasks in this level.

Level four
In the final level, Hazel must learn to play nicely in the playroom with her cousin Kayla. She must learn how to share and play nicely with Kayla. In this level you will help Hazel jump in her ball pit, ride in her car, and watch television.

Throughout this game you must keep Hazel happy before the time runs out. You have to do certain tasks, and move people and objects via simple mouse clicks.Tasks must be completed before the time for each level runs out. It is a very simple game, and a fun way to help your children learn manners!

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How To Play:

Parents are a child’s first teachers and this applies for our little princess Hazel too. As she grows up her mom thinks that she should be taught of all the socially acceptable norms. First she begins with physical exercise to keep her chubby baby fit! Later she teaches Hazel everything she has to know about kitchen manners. She must also build up the proper social manners when interacting with same or different aged people. Help darling Hazel know all about the proper manners and become a responsible person.

Just use the mouse to point and click

Video (full game):

Game Category: Baby Hazel games

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