Baby Hazel Learns Colors

Baby Hazel Learns Colors

Game Title: Baby Hazel Learns Colors

Game Description:

Today Mommy and Hazel are spending the day at home. They decide to play doll dress up to pass the time. While at home they discover the many colors of the rainbow, by doing various activities that teach Hazel how to recognize her colors. She can easily accomplish these tasks with your help.

Hazel Plays Doll Dress Up
Hazel learns how to play dress up with a doll that was given to her as a gift. Mommy teaches Hazel how to match the dolls outfits so that it looks beautiful. After her dolls outfit matches, it can then take a ride on a multicolored toy train with some of Hazels other toy friends.

Mommy Helps Hazel Make Different Colored Frosting
Mommy and Hazel learn color frosting by using many different colors. Mommy then demonstrates how mixing different colors, can create a different color all together. Hazel is so happy to color the frosting and create so many different colors.

Hazel Decorates A Cake
Hazel uses the frosting that she just colored to decorate a cake. Mother shows her how to decorate a cake using the many different colors of various frosting that they colored. The cake, once finished, is very pretty, and Hazel thinks that it looks delicious.

Painting A Picture With Hazel
Baby hazel paints a picture for her mom with the help of her rabbit friend. She then learns to paint a picture by using her hand prints. Hazel then shows the picture to her mom, who then gives her a special treat to eat. Mommy loves the picture so much that she takes a picture of Hazel and her rabbit friend.

Baby Hazel Learns Colors, is an interactive game for young children. The game is a great learning tool to teach toddlers their colors. The player helps Hazel dress up a doll, learn about color frosting, and decorate a cake. After playing the four levels of the this game, a child should be able to easily recognize his or her colors. The game is filled with fun and easy levels that can be accomplished with the help of a child’s interaction.

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How To Play:

Baby Hazel explores different colors and learns their names, through some fun-filled activities. Her coloring session include: a make over of a doll with a matching set of costume and accessories, making different colored frosting, and coloring a picture with shades. Let’s join Baby Hazel in her coloring adventure and through these colorful activities you will learn all you need to know about colours.


Use the mouse to interact with Hazel and her world.

Game Category: Baby Hazel games

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