Baby Hazel Laundry Time

Baby Hazel Laundry Time

Game Title: Baby Hazel Laundry Time

Game Description:

Oh, no! Baby Hazel and her furry friend Katy the cat are having fun playing outside when suddenly it starts to rain! The two get soiled from head to toe in mud. There’s only one thing to do! Come along with Hazel and Katy as they learn how to properly wash and dry clothes with the help of Hazel’s mother. With your assistance, Hazel can quickly learn the skills her mother teaches her, and so can you!

Hazel and Katy Play Outside
Join your two friends as they play outside in the park and have a good time. Be prepared, though, because the sky is starting to get dark and it looks like it could rain very soon! It is fun playing in the rain, but watch out! Hazel and Katy could get dirty!

Hazel Tries to do the Laundry
Uh oh, Hazel and Katy are all dirty after playing in the mud! Hazel tries her best to properly wash and dry her clothes, but something goes terribly wrong. Luckily, her mother comes to the rescue. Help Hazel’s mother teach her how to properly wash and dry her clothes before something goes wrong again!

Hazel Irons Clothes
After washing and drying the clothes correctly, there is one more step to do before they can be put away. Help Hazel iron them so that they are crisp and neat. But watch out; clothing irons are very hot! And keep an eye on the playful Katy, who might interfere with Hazel’s hard work.

Special surprise!
For all her hard work, her mother rewards her by playing her favorite game with her. And your reward is… you’ll just have to wait and see!

Benefits of the Game
Baby Hazel Laundry Time help kids learn how to interact with technology at a most basic level, involves a degree of logical thinking that builds their intelligence, and with repetition is a fun way to teach children the basics of doing laundry. Parents get to involve their kids in something that is both fun and skill-building.

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How To Play:

Baby hazel is trying something new today. She is going to learn how to wash and dry the clothes. Her mom is going to teach her step by step the whole process of laundry wash, so that Hazel can become perfect at it. Let’s see if Hazel is a fast learner.


Use mouse to interact with Baby Hazel. Enjoy!

Video (full game):

Game Category: Baby Hazel games

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