Baby Hazel Kitchen Fun

Baby Hazel Kitchen Fun

Game Title: Baby Hazel Kitchen Fun

Game Description:

We are hungry, and Mom is out and will be coming home late, so Baby Hazel has to show off her cooking skills! Help Hazel cook some food and in taking care of her little brother, Baby Matt! Enjoy fun times with your siblings, and make food according to their picky tastes!

Mom is out!

Baby Hazel and Baby Matt are playing in the living room. They are playing around with a toy car, and then Hazel plays with a smartphone, while Matt is getting a bit bored. Matt asks Hazel when their mother will come, and becomes very sad when Hazel tells him she will be late. Interact with the characters as the bubbles pop up over their heads depicting their needs. Finally Hazel brings in some food, but Matt doesn’t want to eat it, so Hazel decides t make some puree for him.

In the kitchen

Now you have to help Hazel in getting the needed ingredients from the refrigerator and making the yummy food. Follow Hazel’s needs depicted by the bubbles and give her the needed items. Then help her in the same way in preparing the food.

Feed time!

Now it is time to feed the freshly prepared food to Baby Matt, and keep him happy by fulfilling his demands! Brothers can be hard sometimes, so be prepared! Baby Matt doesn’t want to eat on his own, so help Hazel in assisting Matt! Same as before, follow the orders depicted by the bubbles to succeed!

Sleepy time!

Now it is time to take care of your little brother! Put him into the diaper changing station; change his diapers (eck…), clean him up, and tuck him into bed! Matt doesn’t really want to sleep, so help Hazel in playing lullabies for him, giving him a plush bear from the cabinet, and giving him a comfy, warm blanket! Just like until now, follow the bubbles over their heads.

What will your children learn?

This game helps in understanding the “older sibling” role in the family: you children will occasionally need to help out with taking care of younger siblings when the parents aren’t near. This game introduces some tasks and concepts such as taking care of their food and basic needs, and having fun with them.

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How To Play:

Hazel is having some fun in the kitchen.


Use the mouse to control people and objects in the game

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