Baby Hazel In Kitchen

Baby Hazel In Kitchen

Game Title: Baby Hazel In Kitchen

Game Description:

Baby Hazel in the Kitchen is one in a series of games about a baby learning and finding out how to deal with certain situations, starring a baby girl who will make you laugh as well as cry if things don’t go her way. In the Kitchen we see her shopping, creating and preparing different types of dishes and then eating them with friends. Following directions in a timely manner is an essential skill when playing this game. You use the mouse to pick up the objects and place them in the buggy.

There are four parts in which you help Baby Hazel gather everything she needs to complete her dishes:

Gathering the Groceries

She lets you know the ingredients she needs for her dish. You are timed in finding the object and getting it in the buggy. If she is not happy because you are taking too long she will start to cry until you get it right.

Gathering the Utensils

After the groceries are collected then she moves onto the utensils in another part of the grocery store. She once again shows you what to get, you pick it up and put it into the buggy before time runs out.

Preparing the Food

Now we are in the kitchen, puréeing and cooking today’s dishes. Using the groceries and utensils we have bought from the store. When using an electrical device click on the object and then click on Hazel to make it run.

Feeding Baby Hazel and Guests

Once everything is cooked and ready, we then move to the dining room and there might be surprise quests joining us as well. Not only do you feed her to make her happy but her quests as well. You have to pay close attention to see who is hungry. She may also need to be made happy by giving her a teddy bear or sucker, which she keeps close to her.

Baby Hazel in the kitchen will help in developing skills that involve following directions as well as hand and eye coordination. The sound effects make the game a lot of fun when she laughs because she is happy and everything is going right and crying when they don’t. It definitely holds your attention and is fun to play.

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How To Play:

Today Baby Hazel wants to help mom to prepare her meal.So let us have some fun time in the kitchen!! Today’s meal includes Pureed Apples and Yummy Vegetable Soup. First thing before we start to cook is to pick up the required tools and ingredients. Help Baby Hazel to pick up the tools and ingredients from the shop. Then take Baby Hazel to kitchen and help her in cooking. Finally help her arrange the food on the table and feed her the tasty meal.


Use mouse to interact with Baby Hazel. Enjoy!


Game Category: Baby Hazel games

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