Baby Hazel Hair Care

Baby Hazel Hair Care

Game Title: Baby Hazel Hair Care

Game Description:

Here we have a game targeted at a younger crowd, mainly young females. This game features a wide array of colors, motions and sounds and is accompanied by it’s easy controls of using the mouse to move the cursor up, down, left, or right, and picking up objects or completing actions with a simple left click of the mouse, or holding down the left mouse button while you complete a motion.

The object of the game is to keep this little one happy and distracted while you manage to cut, clean and take care of her hair. There are 4 levels you will need to go through to achieve this.

Your main challenge is the timer located near the top left of the game’s screen. Each level gives you 2-3 minutes to beat, and letting the timer run out is the only way to lose the game. You are also given a score per level that totals up at the end of the game based on your speed and Hazel’s happiness level.

Level 1: Manage to cut the little one’s hair, but because she is afraid of the scissor’s you have to distract her. Distracting her with the rattle and the doll will keep her happy long enough to finish the hair cut.

Level 2: Here you need to give our precious little one a dandruff treatment to loosen and remove the dandruff from her hair.

Level 3: After the hair cut and dandruff treatment it’s now time to clean up Hazel in a bath. Here you will have to use her bath toys to keep her happy as she doesn’t like being sprayed down. Once you are done with the bath, a pop up with come up on the left side the screen reading “To Bedroom” where Level 4 starts.

Level 4: Here you will dry her off, dress her, and style her hair with 1 of 4 sets of hair clips.

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How To Play:

It is time to give a hair treatment to our Baby Hazel. Her hairs have grown longer and dandruffs all over making it untidy. Help Baby Hazel to get back healthy hairs by trimming them and treating them for dandruffs. Finally give a fun filled bath and make her ready for the day. Keep her happy throughout the hair treatment sessions by giving favorite toys. if she cries you lose the game.


Use mouse to play this game

Video (gameplay):

Game Category: Baby Hazel games

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