Baby Hazel Gums Treatment

Baby Hazel Gums Treatment

Game Title: Baby Hazel Gums Treatment

Game Description:

Oral and teeth treatment is a really important thing, and Baby Hazel and Baby Matt have an appointment with the dentist! Hazel’s gums are bleeding really bad because she didn’t take care of her teeth properly! Help Baby Hazel and the dentist in the process of treating the hurting gums!

Oh-oh… Something is wrong!

Baby Hazel is at home, playing with Matt and eating apples, when she notices bloodstains on the apple she was just taking a bite of. Her mom witnesses this and declares that they should visit the dentist. Help Baby Hazel in having fun with Matt, and preparing for the trip to the dentist’s after they notice the bloodstains.

At the dentist’s

Mom, Hazel and Matt are at the dentist’s for a dental checkup. First, it is Matt’s turn. Help the dentist in checking up Matt’s teeth, and then brushing them. Matt’s teeth are fine, so Baby Hazel comes now. But first, read some helpful tips about treating young babies’ growing teeth, thanks to the doctor’s courtesy.

Baby Hazel shows the apple she had tried to eat before. The doctor then checks her teeth, and she sees that Baby Hazel’s gums are bleeding. She takes an X-ray and uses various other tools to check up the aching teeth. Various items appear on the bottom of the screen, and you’ll have to follow the dentist’s requests and give her or Hazel the needed items, such as putting on a cape. At this part, the game leads you through a dentist operation involving aching teeth-gums, where you goal is to finish the operation without causing pain to Baby Hazel. At the end of the operation, the game gives some more tips, this time about causes of gum bleeding and how to care for gums. Finally, Baby Hazel is happy that he can eat chocolate again, so give her one from the table. With this, the game concludes.

This game has a bit more advanced vocabulary than the other Baby Hazel games, especially at the two “tips” sections mentioned above. Thus it is recommended to a bit older audience than the other games in general, and also parents should explain tooth care in an easier to understand manner. Aside from these two tips sections, children can see how the dentist works, what tools she used and what happens when they have to go there for treatment.

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How To Play:

Help Hazel at her visit to the dentist and take good care of your teeth.


Use the mouse to control people and objects in the game

Game Category: Baby Hazel games

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