Baby Hazel Goldfish

Baby Hazel Goldfish

Game Title: Baby Hazel Goldfish

Game Description:

Hazel has found a new friend and it is your job to help Liam and Hazel take care of their new pet. This game is a fun, interactive adventure made to teach motor skills while enhancing the problem solving abilities. Each level brings you further into the story. And each level is designed with colorful, fun animations to keep your toddlers attention.

The controls are simple. Just click on the hand and guide it to where the finger is pointing. This finger will then point you to the next step in the game. Each step brings you closer to your goal: Keeping the babies happy.

On level one Baby Hazel finds a fish. She is playing with Liam near the pool when a fish is accidentally dropped near them. This is a new adventure that brings the babies great pleasure. Your job is to guide them through each step of making a happy home for Goldie the gold fish. As you accomplish the tasks assigned, by following the pointing hand, you will find the characters are happier. You earn points for keeping the babies in a good mood. In Baby Hazel Games this is the main purpose. And, each new level the goal is to give her what she is thinking of. If you don’t, or take too long, she will become unhappy. Keep the babies happy and win the game.

The next levels of the game are handled in the same way. You will guide the characters through the task of creating Goldie a home. You must collect the supplies and acquire all the necessary things to care for a fish. Don’t forget the food. These levels will help children be creative and thoughtful of what might be needed to care for a pet.

The final level is caring for the fish. There is play time, food time, and even a time when the pet needs medicine. This Baby Hazel game reinforces the idea that a pet is a lot of work, while being fun and bringing joy to the caretaker of the animal. Each task at hand keeps the fish healthy, and points are earned for making the babies happy.

There are several levels to be played and skills are gained as you work your way to keep your baby hazel happy. Don’t be afraid to have fun and learn new skills as you enjoy these cute new friends.

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How To Play:

Baby Hazel is fond of pet animals. She loves to play with them and also takes good care of them. Today Baby Hazel and her friend Liam build a fish tank for saving a goldfish that fell out of a stork’s beak. First they buy a fish tank and then decorate it with ornaments. Then they put Goldie the Goldfish in her new home and play with her. Help Baby Hazel taking care of the Goldfish. Keep her happy by fulfilling her needs and earn more points.


Use mouse interact with Baby Hazel. Enjoy!

Video (Full Gameplay):

Game Category: Baby Hazel games

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