Baby Hazel’s Gingerbread House

Baby Hazel’s Gingerbread House

Game Title: Baby Hazel’s Gingerbread House

Game Description:

Baby Hazel Gingerbread House is a girl game whose main character is a baby girl named Hazel. In this installment of Hazel’s adventures, we are asked to help her reassemble a gingerbread house, as well as the other items that were in the yard of the house. These items have been broken in various ways, and while we are not really clear on how this happened, it is extremely important to Baby Hazel to get it back the way it all should be.

The games controls are very simple, requiring only the use of your mouse. At the game’s onset Baby Hazel makes it clear she wants you to help her straighten out this mess. Fortunately, you are able to “see” Baby Hazel’s thoughts by means of pictures, that let you know the item you must to pick up, move, or use. For example, if Hazel visualizes one of Gingerbread Woman’s legs you have to locate the leg and then the game tells you were to place it by shadowing the area it belongs in.

This game is really simple and once you catch on to the premise behind the controls, it’s a lot of fun. There are a couple of portions of the reconstruction phases that may cause initial confusion. One of them is the “tube of glue”. When Baby Hazel visualizes this item, you must pick it up and place it over the area. If you are not aware this is glue, you will have no idea what is going on, but with this hint the game will become a lot easier.

One other difficult aspect is the “shovel”. In some portions of the game, it is used on a small scale, and is very simple to use in these areas. However, when building the pond area, and in another area as well, it took some figuring out. The key is to begin at the shovel’s scoop, hold down on the left-click button, and drag the direction you want to go. A black line will be left as the arrow is dragged and after much work you will be able to figure out how to utilize the large shovel and complete the task.

This is an excellent game for younger girls, building on logic and coordination skills.

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How To Play:

Baby Hazel wants to renovate Gingerbread House. She needs your help to build an amazing Gingerbread House. Your task is divided into different activities such as repairing Gingerbread House, building a swimming pool, fixing and decorating Christmas tree, making snowman, constructing a candy toy train and creating Gingerbread girl. Baby Hazel is eagerly waiting to see the completely built Gingerbread House. She has less patience and cries if you make her wait. So complete each activity within the given time. Do not make Baby Hazel sad otherwise you lose. Select any one of the activities at a time and complete it. Each activity will open up a new screen to work on. You get points on the completion of each activity . Sooner you complete an activity more bonus points you get.


Check hints while completing the tasks. Use mouse to interact.

Video (game play):

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