Baby Hazel flower girl

Baby Hazel flower girl

Game Title: Baby Hazel flower girl

Game Description:

Yay! An excited Baby Hazel has been asked to be the Flower Girl at Aunt Lisa’s wedding and she has to get ready! Each level in the game is helping her prepare for her role as a Flower Girl. Help her with the four levels so that she will be happy and cute as Flower Girl!

In the first level, Baby Hazel needs help playing around in the yard. Simply drag the mouse on the items she and her mother wants on time to make her happy. It is in this part of the game that she receives the news of the wedding and her mom decides to go out and get her ready for the big day.

In the second level, Baby Hazel goes to a store to try on different clothes and accessories. Like the first level, things will be dragged according to what she wants but this time it’s noticeable that she either likes it or dislikes the item. The goal is to keep her happy so if that means changing the item or patting her face, the mouse has to be dragged to do that.

The third level is the fun part: Baby Hazel’s makeover. She has to be put in her chair and it is clear she is agitated getting her hair wetted and combed so she will need to be calmed down like in the second level. First she needs her hair to be wet, combed, and cut, but then sprayed so that the hair stylist can make the adorable hair-do. This level requires a lot of dragging of the mouse like the first two levels but this time she also needs spray. To spray, you simply click the mouse multiple times on the parts to be sprayed. Baby Hazel also gets her makeup done.

Lastly, the fourth level, she puts on her clothes for the wedding. She initially wants to play ball with her animals but gets ready to put her fancy outfit on. She prepares her flower basket by dragging flowers the basket then puts the clothes she picked from level two on, including accessories as well.

The best way to keep Baby Hazel happy is to pay attention to what she wants and meet her demands on time. The happier she is, the more bonus points. The game is great for gross motor skills and overall too cute!

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How To Play:

Hurray! It is time give a Flower Girl makeover to Baby Hazel. Aunt Lisa has asked Baby Hazel to be her Flower Girl on her wedding day. Isn’t that exciting? So is to our little angel, Baby Hazel. So, hurry up. Let us go shopping with Baby Hazel to purchase required costumes and accessories. Then take her to the hair dresser to give a designer hair style. Finally dress her up on the wedding day in Flower Girl costumes and accessories. Fulfil Baby Hazel’s demands on time to keep her happy. Keeping her happy throughout the game gets you more bonus points.


Use mouse to interact with Baby Hazel.  Enjoy!

Video (full game):

Game Category: Baby Hazel games

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