Baby Hazel fishing time

Baby Hazel fishing time

Game Title: Baby Hazel fishing time

Game Description:

Baby Hazel is interested in her very first fishing expedition, and she recruits her uncle as her personal guide. This completely mouse-controlled baby game is perfect for youngsters and their guardians to play. It enhances problem-solving skills, dexterity using a mouse and achievable goals to share.

Levels of Play

In the first level, Hazel is prompted to ask her uncle to prepare for a fishing adventure. The player must guide Hazel around a small living room gathering supplies needed for a successful fishing trip.

When all the supplies are gathered, the two head off to the river to try their luck.

Once Hazel and her uncle are at the river, the player must figure out how to set up camp and prepare for a day of fishing. There are multiple situations that must be figured out. These include a friendly tortoise, baiting hooks and preparing for lunch.

The final level involves baby learning to hone her skills as a fisherman with the positive reinforcement of her uncle and his great examples. Along the way, the two must figure out how to enjoy lunch, properly feed the fish and scare away a nosy gull that wants to steal their catch.

Learning To Follow Directions

Every advancement in this game involves a pointing finger prompt that hints at a certain motion. Once the motion is completed, a scale of happiness and game points are registered. If improper motions are made the happiness scale decreases and animated details signal to the player to try again.

All motions are controlled with simple computer mouse activity. A few worded commands are shown, but that is where the interaction of guardian and child player come together. Many opportunities are given for a young player to verbally and physically describe and complete creative ways to make the game continue.

The game characters are trying to catch their limit and enjoy time together.

Game Look and Layout

Every object and character in this baby fishing game is detailed, lifelike and friendly. Bright colors and vivid objects captivate a young person’s attention without being too overwhelming. The young player will have the sense that he or she is in perfect control of the storybook situation, and will love the challenge of a successful, playful and encouraging fishing adventure. Movie-quality scenes help the young player gain a sense of accomplishment and reward for doing well.

This fishing adventure is one of the most detailed and challenging baby Hazel games available. It is ideal for a 15-20 minute interactive session with a curious young player needing to build focus and problem-solving skills.

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How To Play:

Yuppie! It is time to go fishing! Today Baby Hazel’s uncle is going to take our little angel for fishing. So she is very busy getting ready for the new adventure. Do you want to go fishing with Baby Hazel and Uncle John? If yes, first of all you need to help Baby Hazel to pack required essentials for fishing. Then be with them while they do fishing together. Keep Baby Hazel and Uncle John happy by fulfilling their needs on time. Happy fishing with Baby Hazel!!

Controls: Use mouse to interact with Baby Hazel. Enjoy!

Video (full game):

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