Baby Hazel first rain

Baby Hazel first rain

Game Title: Baby Hazel first rain

Game Description:

In we have a large variety of fun games for girls to play online. Here we have the game called “Baby Hazel First Rain” a game full of fun and adventure. This adventure is about baby Hazel and her precious pet bunny.

First level: Afraid of the rain
Hazel and her bunny are playing when it starts to rain outside. In the beginning they are absolutely terrified of both the thunderstorms and the rain. Even thought they are afraid of rain they decide to go out an enjoy the very first rainfall. Both Hazel and bunny overcome the fear and go outside to enjoy the rain.

Second level: Getting ready for the rain
After careful consideration and much reluctance Hazel and bunny finally go outside to play in the rain. But before they go out, hazel must prepare for her outdoor adventure by dressing appropriately. She must put on her raincoat, rain hat and boots. Once Hazel is dressed accordingly both her and her beloved pet bunny venture outdoors for a memorable experience.

Third level: Playing outside while it’s raining
After playing outdoors in the rain for some time, Hazel is covered with mud and she is drenched from head to toe. She did enjoy the rainstorm however she never realized how dirty she would eventually become. Hazel and bunny are almost unrecognizable at this point in time.

Fourth level: Bathing time
Finally, baby Hazel must prepare to take a hot bath to wash away the mud and other dirt. Following the much needed bath baby Hazel must now change into some clean clothes. Hazel learned a valuable lesson and she also managed to overcome her fear of the rain.

Baby Hazel games are ideal for girls and provide entertainment as well as education. Players must use the computer mouse to interact with the game characters and objects. Hazel always has something up her sleeve. However, in the end Hazel seems to learn valuable lessons from her various experiences. Baby Hazel games are very educational and they provide children with valuable learning experiences. These games keep the player wondering what adventure will they experience next, but Hazel never seems to experience a dull moment in her life!

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How To Play:

Lets enjoy Baby Hazel’s first rain with her friends and Bunny the hare. You will have to calm her down from the frightening thunders and the rain, but also you will help her and her friends enjoy being mischievous in the rain in the garden. Help them to enjoy every moment and get ready to explore the first rain with her. Here you GO!!!

Use only the mouse to interact with Hazel’s world. Enjoy!

Video (Full game play):

Game Category: Baby Hazel games

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