Baby Hazel Father’s Day

Baby Hazel Father’s Day

Game Title: Baby Hazel Father’s Day

Game Description:

As you can read and see in the game’s beginning, this Baby Hazel game is dedicated to Father’s Day, a national holiday in the United States, which is also celebrated unofficially in many other countries. This game involves Baby Hazel and her father in various activities and shows that they have a very strong, loving and positive relationship.

Let’s do something, Dad!

Poor Baby Hazel is unhappy because the weather is bad, and she can’t do anything interesting inside the room, where her father is watching TV. Hazel can play some indoor games, such as the toy train set she has lying in the center of the room, so she starts to play with that! Help Hazel in getting the train set to work by selecting each track piece and putting it into its place. Then Hazel’s dad gets a call; give the phone to him by clicking on the phone next to him on the table, then on him. After that, he’ll switch off the TV and will play Scrabble with Hazel.

In the Scrabble game, Baby Hazel will be given a few letters, with the goal of filling up a selected word. The pictures next to the empty fields will help a lot in this task. The words are the following: “apple”, “eye”, “rat”, “happy”, and “father’s day”.

It is bedtime!

It is now getting late, and Baby Hazel is in her bed. You will need to fulfill her wishes shown in the bubbles above her head to put her to sleep: search for the various objects which appear above her head, and click on them. In the morning, wake Hazel up by clicking on the alarm clock.


It is time for some fun in Candy-land! Baby Hazel wants to win a nice Father’s Day card for her dad, so she must find all of the hidden letters of “HAPPY FATHER’S DAY”. These are all on the screen and are semi-transparent. After you find all of them, the celebrations for Father’s Day begin. It is time to surprise Dad!

Surprise party!

It is time to surprise Dad! Hazel, Matt and Mom are in front of Father’s room. Click on the door to enter. After wishing a happy Father’s Day, the family will go out for ice-cream. On the bottom part of the screen, you’ll find various flavors of ice-cream and fillings. Play around with these, and give them to the family member shown on the right side of the screen. After everyone is served, you will be taken back home, where pies await for dinner. Serve the family members by following the requests in the bubbles above their heads.

By playing this game, your kid will see a good example for a happy family, and will see how Baby Hazel has a good relationship with her Dad. Happy father’s day to you too!

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How To Play:

This Baby Hazel game is dedicated to Father’s Day. Happy father’s day to you too!


Use the mouse to control people and objects in the game

Game Category: Baby Hazel games

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