Baby Hazel Fashion Star

Baby Hazel Fashion Star

Game Title: Baby Hazel Fashion Star

Game Description:

Baby Hazel will go to a fashion shooting as a model, and thus she will become famous at a very young age! In this game, you help Baby Hazel prepare for her photo shooting. Give her some makeup and nice clothes, practice poses and prepare for the actual shooting!

Getting ready with the makeup

First thing first: Baby Hazel needs some makeup! You will be able to customize her in this stage. Choose her hairstyle, eye shadow color, lipstick color, and face powder! For maximum score, ensure that her hair is blonde, as she likes that one the best.

Photo and film shooting!

Now, it is time to practice various poses before shooting. You only need to click on Baby Hazel a few times for her to strike some poses. After a few of these, the actual shooting begins. As the cameraman takes photos, Baby Hazel has to move exactly in front of the camera. This is signified by the rectangles with X in the center of them. Move Hazel as close to the center as possible by clicking on the X.

After this, screen test will begin. A pose will be shown on the upper right, and you’ll be shown 2-4 cards for a brief moment. You will have 1-2 seconds to memorize which pose was the one required. Finally, it is time for an ad shoot: keep Baby Hazel in the bright rectangle at all times! Move her left and right for this. The rectangle will sometimes move a bit unexpectedly, so try to keep her in its middle at all times!

Fame at the Cine Awards

Baby Hazel is now world-famous, and it is time to please the fans! Baby Hazel will arrive by limousine, and fans will come from left and right. Fulfill their wants by clicking on them. Some of them will require Baby Hazel to pose for photos, others will ask for a short speech or an autograph. Basically, just click on each person in the order they appeared on the screen.

This game will introduce your child to the concept of model girls, and to being famous. It will also practice memory skills and reaction time in some of the mini-games.

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How To Play:

Baby Hazel is a world famous model! Follow her along this journey.


Use the mouse to control people and objects in the game

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