Baby Hazel Fancy Dress

Baby Hazel Fancy Dress

Game Title: Baby Hazel Fancy Dress

Game Description:

Do you want to play a game that is fun and full of surprises? What if I told you you can play a game that will test you on how you can multitask and it will be fun? Baby Hazel Fancy Dress is a game where you have to keep Hazel happy throughout each level, and at the same time try to get a dress made for her play where she is starring with her friends. Do you think that sounds easy? Well then you’re in for some fun times because the fun really lies on how you interact with Hazel and make the dress for her play. If you have children then you know how to keep them happy and at the same time get your shopping done.

The object is as creative as the game

First thing we need to do is get the materials for her dress. Take baby hazel to the store and get the right materials to make a beautiful dress. Oh you know what she wants, she wants to make a Peacock dress. This is where you will have the most fun, in trying to entertain Hazel and get the materials to make the dress. Look into a mirror, get her hair done, make sure she eats breakfast, and see her in a finished dress that you helped her make. Wow! Does this remind you of what it is to have a child of your own?

You may find that Hazel will do things that make her become a handful even in the store. You will soon see that she will want you to get her many things to hold and wear. Thanks to her mother you will find an easy way to get her back on the task of making her dress. After all, making a dress with your child is fun, right?

Your finished dress makes hazel happy all day long

When you get to finish the dress that you and hazel created, you will see the reason for her wanting it. When she gets into her play all your fun is now for her enjoyment, but do not think it ends there you will still have to help her in her play. Yes that is more fun as you will now be performing with her and her lovely dress.

So what are you waiting for?

Start playing “Baby Hazel Fancy Dress” and experience the fun and laughs that are guaranteed with this adorable game, and don’t forget the educational aspect of these games, especially for preschool children.

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How To Play:

Baby Hazel and her friends are delighted about the fancy dress competition at their school! The theme of the competition is “Birds and animals”, so Hazel plans to dress up in a peacock costume. Join Hazel and her mom as they visit the store and purchase all the necessities required to make this dress and then go to her school to enjoy a small play enacted by Hazel and her friends to save endangered animal species.


Use the mouse to control Baby Hazel

Video (Full Game):

Game Category: Baby Hazel games

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