Baby Hazel Easter Fun

Baby Hazel Easter Fun

Game Title: Baby Hazel Easter Fun

Game Description:

Baby Hazel takes a charming romp through Easter activities in this action-packed, exciting game to prepare for the Easter rally. There are four levels in this game:

First Level
Hazel’s wonderful day begins at the farm where she has gone to gather the eggs for her Easter basket. As her pets play a game of ball, she feeds and places the hen in her nest and paints a picture of Honey Bunny while she is waiting. After feeding the chicks, she checks on mother hen. There are no eggs yet. The chicken jumps down to chase a mouse, and the baby places her back in the nest. Hazel is patient and continues with her painting of Honey Bunny. Her patience is finally rewarded, and she happily gathers the eggs in a basket.

Second Level
Now in the kitchen, Baby Hazel is ready to decorate her Easter eggs. First, she boils the eggs and gathers the things she will need to drain them once they are cooked. Finally, the eggs are ready. She turns off the stove and dips them out with a spoon. After dying the first one, she places it in an egg holder. To decorate the second egg, she paints on glue and adds colored sparkles. She places the last two eggs in bowls of water with dye added. When they are finished, she draws on them with markers. They join the other eggs in the egg holder.

Third Level
Now that the Easter eggs are ready and looking beautiful, Hazel makes a bunny as a decoration for her Easter basket and sets it aside. She takes the basket, lines it with grass and places the decorated bunny in the basket. She adds an Easter chick and the colored eggs to the basket and tops it with a red bow.

Fourth Level
It is almost time for the Easter rally and Baby Hazel has to dress herself and her pets so they look their best. After she dresses up Honey Bunny, she puts pretty bows on her pet kitties and dresses herself in a pink Easter dress and shoes. The final touch is when she places bunny ears on her head. Then Hazel joins the Easter rally with her beautifully decorated Easter basket and her pets.

The gameplay is easy. The player has to click on objects shown on the popup picture thought balloons to pick up objects and complete the requested activities while filling the baby’s happiness meter. When the meter fills, the player advances to the next level. Follow the directions or Hazel will cry. This educational and beautifully colored game will provide hours of fun. As a learning tool, it enhances a child’s fine motor skills and teaches them to follow simple directions.

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How To Play:

Baby Hazel is enjoying Easter holidays. She wants to celebrate Easter day with fun filled activities like creating Easter crafts and attending kids Easter rally. In order to enjoy Easter with Hazel, first you need to go along with her to the farm to take care of hens. Feed them and collect eggs. Then you must do egg painting and bunny basket decoration. Finally you have to dress her up along with her pets to get them ready for the Easter Day rally. Have fun filled Easter with

Use mouse to interact with Baby Hazel. Enjoy!

Video (full game play):

Game Category: Baby Hazel games

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