Baby Hazel earth day

Baby Hazel earth day

Game Title: Baby Hazel earth day

Game Description:

Baby Hazel Earth Day is a very informative click and drag formatted children’s online game that teaches an abundance of different ways to help reduce, reuse, and recycle in a multitude of different and even exciting ways! It’s important to educate children from the beginning to know how to take care of our planet and this game does just that. In only three simple levels, this game does an amazing job of helping kids see just how important their actions are and the affects that they can cause.

In the first level we’re taught about the importance of conserving water and electricity as well as the idea that if you don’t want to eat something, you can give it to someone else that does to reduce wasting.

In the second level we touch on all the cool things you can make out of recyclables instead of just throwing them out. The characters make a pencil holder out of an aluminum can with the top cut off and some decorative paper wrapped around it and then how to make a fun, goofy plant holder from the bottom half of a water bottle with a face on it, using paper and buttons for eyes, and the lid of a water bottle for a mouth. We also briefly learn the importance of doing our part to volunteer which is the focal point of the next level.

In the third level of the Baby Hazel game, before jumping in to learning how we can help out volunteering to save our planet Hazel tells her friend Akito the importance of not hurting the plants while they search for their baseball because the plants are part of their environment and they help people survive. In this level we also learn that there are three main different types of waste. There’s recycling which consists of cans, bottles, cardboard, paper, and plastic. There’s garbage which consists of most anything that isn’t recyclable. There’s also fertilizer which are things like fruit and egg peels and dead leaves. This level also shares how taking care of your environment can be a good way of spending quality time together with your friends and how easy and important it is to educate others about ways to protect our planet.

All in all, Baby Hazel’s Earth Day is a very well organized and educational game that is easy for young children to play and understand. The game makes getting involved in saving our environment appear incredibly fun and unbelievably easy. It raises excellent points like how sometimes the simplest things like throwing a can in the recycling bin or turning it into something useful can be a big help! And why stop there? It’s a powerful thing to get involved in your environment and help take care of it. No person and no action is too small to make a big impact on the world around us and Baby Hazel Earth Day does a magnificent job of professing that truth to the masses.

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How To Play:

Baby Hazel needs to know the importance of how to maintain our environment. As it’s Earth Day, let’s help her learn more about this annual event. The main idea behind celebrating this day is to promote green environment, saving plants, electricity and all the resources necessary for our survival. Play this game to find out what Hazel does on this day. Join hands with her and go green!


Use mouse to interact with Baby Hazel

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