Baby Hazel Daycare

Baby Hazel Daycare

Game Title: Baby Hazel Daycare

Game Description:

Mom and Dad went out of town for the day to finish some important job, thus they left Baby Hazel and Matt at the local daycare center, since they don’t have any relatives nearby to watch over them. The nanny will have to keep the siblings entertained. Play fun games with Baby Hazel and test your skills!

In the Courtyard

Baby Hazel and Matt are at home, and they are having fun! Give some items to the siblings, and play pick ‘n pop ball blaster with Baby Hazel! In this mini-game, you have to shoot the moving basketball post with the ball shooter. A useful tip is that you should anticipate the movement of the post and aim a bit ahead of it with the shooter to hit. After time is up or you shot all of the balls provided, Baby Hazel’s mom will appear and tell her that they will be taken to the daycare for the afternoon.

In the second scene, prepare Baby Hazel and dress her up for the daycare. Just interact with the furniture and items shown in the thought bubbles, and dress up Hazel. After this, they will leave for the daycare.

At the Nanny’s

Baby Hazel, Matt and Mom arrive at the daycare, where the two kids are left in the nanny’s care. Your goal will be to entertain them with various toys found inside. Just follow the siblings’ wishes, as shown in the thought bubbles above their heads, to keep them entertained. Sometime during the playtime, Nanny will come in and tell them it is food-time soon. Keep playing with the siblings for a little while until then.

Lunch time!

It is now time for some delicious food, and you must help the Nanny and Baby Hazel. Similarly to the preceding scenes, give the items to the person requesting them. Once Matt is fed and he fell asleep, some kids will arrive, thus Baby Hazel and Matt will need to be introduced to them. After this, the kids, with the lead of Nanny, will show off some cool dances, moves, and tricks. Help Hazel do the same by clicking on her a few times when she needs help. Also, put Matt in the baby’s bed when the Nanny asks to do so.


Now it is time to play with the four kids! In this game, there is a tray full of items, and you will need to pick one of these to hide. Then the other kids will guess which one is missing. After a few round of this, Hazel’s mom will arrive to take Hazel and Matt home.

This game shows that playing with siblings and other kids can be fun, independent of their parents.

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How To Play:

The nanny will have to keep Hazel and her brother entertained. Play fun games with Baby Hazel and test your skills!


Use the mouse to control people and objects in the game

Game Category: Baby Hazel games

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