Baby Hazel Cooking Time

Baby Hazel Cooking Time

Game Title: Baby Hazel Cooking Time

Game Description:

Baby Hazel and her pets are hungry, but Mom is not there, thus she has to take care of herself in this regard. Help her in getting to the mall, buying ingredients, and making food for herself and the pets! Thankfully, Grandparents are there to escort Hazel to the mall and help her in picking ingredients and cooking!

I am hungry!

Baby Hazel is hungry, and there is no one to cook for her and the pets! Follow Hazel’s requests as they pop up, and when grandparents come in, she will ask them for help in getting to the mall. Click on the Mall button in the top right to go there.

At the Mall

It is time to do some shipping! Help Baby Hazel in picking the ingredients she requests. Click on the stand she thinks of, and then read the shopping list on the right side. Pick one of each item that is found on the list; repeat this for various stands, such as the vegetables and fruits. Hazel will also say what she needs, so it is easy to associate pictures with words here! After everything is found, go to the cashier and pay for the items by giving her the credit card.

It is time to cook!

Baby Hazel is at home again, with the newly bought ingredients! It is time to cook some delicious food for her and the pets! She wants to cook some mini quiches, and your task is to help her with this! You will need to follow her thought bubbles, and give her the requested ingredients from the right side of the screen in the order she needs them. You will need to take out some tools and things from the cupboards and the refrigerator, and use the microwave a few times.


Finally, the food is ready and everyone can feast! Follow Hazel’s wants, and give appropriate food to Hazel’s pets. At the end, Mom will come in and will taste some of Hazel’s quiches; she will like them very much.

This game will show shopping lists, the process of how food is made at home, and some favorite food of parrots and rabbits. It will also show the importance of learning cooking and shopping for young girls.

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How To Play:

Hazel is doing some cooking! Why don’t you join her?


Use the mouse to control people and objects in the game

Game Category: Baby Hazel games

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