Baby Hazel Christmas Time

Baby Hazel Christmas Time

Game Title: Baby Hazel Christmas Time

Game Description:

After being a good little girl and waiting all year, it’s finally Christmas time for Baby Hazel and her friends. In this point and click adventure the player must help Baby Hazel enjoy the holidays. While she waits for her friends and Santa to arrive for the party she has thrown, Hazel needs to prepare her home and have some fun. To advance through the levels Hazel’s happiness bar must be filled or else she’s not having enough fun!

In level one she finishes wrapping her gifts and patiently waits for her friends to knock on her door. Even though her pets start messing around with the decorations, Hazel cleans her home back up before her friends arrive.

Level two opens with Hazel and her friends playing in the snow. She loves to go sledding and making snowmen with her friends, which is exactly what she does. After the cold weather starts to nip at her nose, Hazel heads inside to finish her Christmas cake in level 3.

The cake must be absolutely perfect for the season which is why Hazel sits down to finish it before Santa arrives. Piece by piece the cake is decorated for Christmas, but distractions keep Baby Hazel for staying put and finishing it quickly. The candles by the table keep going out and the open window invites her friends to start throwing snowballs. Even with these distractions Hazel manages to finish her cake before Santa arrives.

It’s finally time for Santa to arrive in level four. As the children sit by the fire patiently, they munch on snacks and sip their drinks. When Santa does arrive, Hazel opens the door for him. After placing his bag of toys on the ground, Santa calls the children close so he can give the good babies their presents. It was a great Christmas for Hazel and her friends!

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How To Play:

Christmas time is here again. Darling Baby Hazel has thrown a Christmas party for her friends. She is also eagerly waiting for Santa and his gifts. Baby Hazel has lots of activities to complete for the Christmas party before her friends arrive. Help Baby Hazel to decorate Christmas tree and then play with the little kids in the snow. Also help her to make a beautiful Christmas cake and finally join them in their merrymaking on the Christmas night.


Use mouse to interact with Baby Hazel and friends. Enjoy!

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Game Category: Baby Hazel games

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