Baby Hazel Carnival Fair

Baby Hazel Carnival Fair

Game Title: Baby Hazel Carnival Fair

Game Description:

It is time for Baby Hazel and her sibling, Matt to have fun at the annual Carnival Fair! They are currently at their grandparents’, who will be taking them to the Carnival Fair, where they will have fun with your help! But first things first: she will have to be prepared for this special event!

Good Morning, Baby Hazel!

In the first scene, Baby Hazel will need to get up from bed and prepare for the day ahead. Her grandpa will come and wake her up, and Hazel will need to dress up with your help. Just follow the thought bubbles above her head to complete this level.

In the second scene, Baby Hazel, Matt and Grandpa have breakfast. Your task is the same as before: keep the family happy by fulfilling their shown needs and giving them the items and food they request.

Now we are finally at the entrance to the Carnival Fair, and Grandpa is buying the tickets. In the same manner as before, keep Baby Hazel and Matt entertained by giving them the requested items and entertaining them. Finally, it is time to enter the Fair, so give the ticket to the guard at the entrance when you see it close-up!

Having fun at the Fair

Finally, Baby Hazel, Matt and Grandpa are inside the Carnival Fair! Lots of fun and games await them, so keep them entertained! You will see an overhead view of the play area, and you will always need to click on the highlighted attraction to go there. The first stop will be the Spin-A-Prize wheel, where you will get two spins, one per kid. The second will be the Water Balloon stand, where you goal will be to sprinkle water at the balloon which moves left-right; this game relies a bit on the player’s mouse-handling skills. The third will be the Pitch Burst, where you will sit Hazel and her grandpa on the chair, put the raincoat on them and shoot at the red crosshair to make a water balloon fall on them. Next stop is the toy train, where you’ll have to put Hazel and Matt aboard. And finally, the last game is the test of strength, where you’ll have to watch the moving bar on the bottom of the screen, and click as close to the middle point as you can.


As a conclusion to the fun-filled day, the family wants to eat some popcorn. Use the popcorn machine to make some delicious popcorn for them. Follow the instructions given by the game via a big hand-sized pointer, and the popcorn will be delicious!

I hope you had success, and Baby Hazel had a great time thanks to you assisting her!

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How To Play:

Follow Hazel at the annual Carnival Fair and have fun!


Use the mouse to control people and objects in the game

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