Baby Hazel Beach Party

Baby Hazel Beach Party

Game Title: Baby Hazel Beach Party

Game Description:

Are you ready for a beach party? Join Ashley and Elisa as they throw an amazing beach party for their cousin Baby Hazel and her friend Kayla. While Hazel is very excited for all of the great fun, food and games at the beach party, she is unsure of what to wear. Can you help her find the perfect outfit to make a big splash at the special party tonight?

Let’s Get Ready

It’s almost time for the party to begin, but our little star of the party needs help finding the perfect outfit. After you finish picking out an amazing outfit, help Hazel add the finishing touches by doing her nails for her. Be quick though, as time is short and there is much to do. Finish all of the actions and keep her happy before time runs out.

At the Beach

As our girls arrive at the beach party and see Kayla and Elisa, they decide to hang out and have some juice before getting their beach clothes on. Help the girls serve up juice and then head into the dressing room to get our little girl ready. As Hazel tells you what she wants, you have to grab everything and complete all actions before the timer runs. Make sure to keep her happy the whole time.

Party Time

Now that the girls are all dressed in their beach attire, it is time to get this beach party started. Play along as the girls have fun and build sandcastles. Help make sure the sandcastle stays up after the tide comes in. After all that fun, Hazel and her friends are pretty hungry, so cook up some barbecue for them to share and eat. Wow! That was so delicious and filling, the only thing the girls have energy for now is sunbathing and some water fun. Is that a shark?! Uh-oh!

Party’s Over

Now wasn’t that a great time at the beach? Feel free to come back and enjoy Hazel and her friends for another beach party anytime you want for free.

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How To Play:

Let’s have a beach party!!! Join Ashley, Elisa, Baby Hazel and Kayla at the beach party. Oh WAIT! Is that a shark?!


Use the mouse to control Baby Hazel and her world

Video (Full Game Play):

Game Category: Baby Hazel games

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