Baby Hazel Bathroom Hygiene

Baby Hazel Bathroom Hygiene

Game Title: Baby Hazel Bathroom Hygiene

Game Description:

Baby Hazel enters the bathroom to clean off her belly but quickly learns how to clean up a cluttered wash room as well as learn about bathroom hygiene. Experience many crucial points when it comes to responsible hygiene for children in a fun and engaging way. Watch her be filled with delight while you help organize the accessories and start a bubble bath so Hazel can be clean and pretty in her new outfit.

Clean Up the Bathroom With Baby Hazel
Baby Hazel goes to clean off her belly when she stubs her toe, discovering a mess in the bathroom that needs to be cleaned! Quickly pay attention to Hazel’s desires and help pick up clutter from the floor, wash and drain the sink after a clog, and put away important items such as soap, tooth brush, and tooth paste.

Find and Rid the Bathroom of Germs
Before taking care of personal hygiene, Hazel must find and identify the source of smelly bathroom messes and how to clean a spill off the floor, sanitize germs, and all while washing her hands in between so she can finally prepare for her bath. Even get a surprise visit from Katy!

Have a Bubble Bath
Now that you have helped Baby Hazel clean the bathroom she can finally take a bath. Provide for her all the right toys to keep her happy and entertained. Take out her hair and aid in applying and rubbing shampoo on her head and rinsing it clean. Watch as Hazel even lifts her arms as you help clean her body thoroughly, clip her toenails and ready her for a cute new dress. Hazel will look adorable and of course you can clean excess water and drain the tub for a complete bathroom experience!

Baby Hazel Bathroom Hygiene is a fun, interactive, and easy game with colorful and engaging graphics. The gameplay teaches important elements of keeping a clean bathroom and practices the thorough exercise of taking a bath. The animations, music and game sounds are adorable, resulting in an immersive, friendly game where the goal is to bring happiness to Hazel through proper hygiene care and cleanliness. It demonstrates the fun and positive side of washing up and is sure to bring many small but valuable lessons to the otherwise boring subject of daily bathroom habits.

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How To Play:

Everybody knows we must always avoid contact with germs, and the first step we take in order to do that, is by maintaining good hygiene standards. This time Baby Hazel learns how to maintain good bathroom hygiene standards. Her bathroom is really messed up and the bathroom accessories are stained and dirty. Help Hazel perform the hygiene care activities such as clearing the mess, unclogging the washbasin drain and cleaning the bathroom accessories.


Use the mouse to control people and objects around Baby Hazel’s world.

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